Jeon Mi Do Relationship Status: Did You Know that the ‘Hospital Playlist 2’ Star Met her Now Husband Through a Blind Date?

Jeon Mi Do Relationship Status
Jeon Mi Do
Jeon Mi Do Hospital Playlist
Chae Song Hwa
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Jeon Mi Do perfectly played Chae Song Hwa in the top rating medical Kdrama "Hospital Playlist."

The tvN series prompted the 39-year-old actress to reach its skyrocketing fame and is currently receiving overwhelming support from fans.

For two seasons, her neurosurgeon character is a weekly dose of comfort and excitement to viewers alongside her slow romance with fellow 99er Lee Ik Jun, played by Jo Jung Suk.

The duo's undeniable on-screen chemistry sets fans into a frenzy and even names them as the IkSong couple.

Unfortunately, their relationship is purely on cam as Jo Jung Suk, and Jeon Min Do are currently married to their respective partners.

The 40-year-old actor is happily married to the gorgeous singer, Gummy. The same goes for his "Hospital Playlist" co-star, who is also with her non-showbiz husband.

Jeon Mi Do Relationship Started with a Blind Date

Jeon Mi Do Hospital Playlist 2
(Photo : tvN official Instagram)

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The 39-year-old beauty is happily married to her non-celebrity husband, with whom she tied the knot in 2013.

According to multiple reports, Jeon Mi Do's relationship with her then-boyfriend started on a non-traditional date.

It came after the actress and the guy met on a blind date.

Interestingly it only took them six months of dating before saying yes to his proposal.

Amid their long-lived relationship, the actress kept her private life hush-hush and away from the spotlight.

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Did You Know? Jeon Mi Do Once Kissed his 'Hospital Playlist' Co-Star Jung Moon Sung in a Play

The beloved medical Kdrama is a reunion project with the actress and Jung Moon Sung, who portrayed thoracic Chief Resident Do Je Hak.

Hospital Playlist 2
(Photo : tvN Official Instagram)

In one of Jeon Mi Do's Instagram posts, it featured the duo on the musical where they both played the lead role.

"The joy before the concert," the caption reads.


On Youtube, there were posts showing bits of clips during the show, one of which is their kissing scene.

Jeon Mi Do Fun Facts

Now, let's get to know the actress with three fun facts about everyone's favorite neurosurgeon.

Surprised with her Instagram Fame

Hospital Playlist 2 Jeon Mi Do
(Photo : Instagram Fan Account @midomination)

Before appearing in the tvN drama, Jeon Mi Do's Instagram was set in private with only a few followers.

Surprisingly, just days after switching her social media to public, she was surprised to see her followers reached 70,000.

"I had my Instagram on private and just recently made it public. Within only two days of going public, I was so shocked to see that my followers had reached over 70,000," she revealed in an interview with Esquire Korea.

Now, the actress has a growing number of followers and currently sits at 493,000.

Learned to Play Bass Because of 'Hospital Playlist'

Jeon Mi Do Hospital Playlist 2
(Photo : tvN official Instagram)

Talk about dedication; the actress once revealed that he purposely learned to play bass because of her character in "Hospital Playlist."

She mentioned that during her down days, she would spend three days learning the instrument.

"I'll get instrument lessons one day, record one day, and then rehearse one day, trying to meet up and hang out [with the cast] whenever I get the chance."

Award-Winning Theater Actress

Jeon Mi Do to Possibly Star in Brand New Drama ‘39’
(Photo : Jeon Mi Do Official Instagram)
Jeon Mi Do to Possibly Star in Brand New Drama ‘39’

Although the tvN drama is her first-ever leading role on the small screen, Jeon Mi Do is quite popular in theater and musicals.

She won thrice as Best Actress for her roles in "Once," "Sweeney Todd," and "Maybe Happy Ending."

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