‘Hospital Playlist 2’ Couples Reveal Their Most Memorable Scenes + 99ers Share Their Stance on Highly-Anticipated Season 3

Hospital Playlist 2
Hospital Playlist 2 Cast
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Hospital Playlist Season 2
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Hospital Playlist 2 Special
Hospital Playlist special
Hospital Playlist Special Episode
Hospital Playlist 2 Special Episode
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IkSong couple
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Exactly a week since the 99ers bid their farewell, Jung Kyung Ho, Kim Dae Myung, Jo Jung Suk, Yoo Yeon Seok, and Jeon Mi Do make a comeback for Hospital Playlist 2 special episode.

Released on September 23, the five doctors, alongside some of the Yulje staff, gathered to talk about their experiences while filming the second season.

Hospital Playlist 2 Special Viewership Rating

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Hospital Playlist cast

Although the Hospital Playlist season 2 ended with whopping double digits, the special episode garnered a decent rating.

After the broadcast, the special commentary received an average nationwide rating of 4.2 percent and 4.6 percent in metropolitan areas.

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Hospital Playlist 2 Special Highlights: Couples Spills their Most Memorable Scenes

The couples Jeon Mi Do, Jo Jung Suk, Kim Dae Myung, Ahn Eun Jin, Jung Kyung Ho, Kwak Sun Young, and the Wintergarden lovers Yoo Yeon Seok and Shin Hyun Bin were in a different room as they discussed and shared thoughts regarding on-screen romances.

JunSun Couple

Still in their characters' outfits, Kwak Sun Young, who played Lee Ik Sun, admitted that her role might have frustrated several viewers after she broke up with Kim Jun Wan (Jung Kyung Ho).

She then explained that Ik Sun in season 2 was more apologetic because she could not tell everything honestly to Jun Wan.

Hospital Playlist 2
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As for her memorable scene, she chose the confession scene where Ik Sun admits she still has feelings for him. She apologized for breaking up and hiding her illness which Jun Wan accepted.

GomGom Couple

Interestingly, Kim Dae Myung and Ahn Eun Jin appeared with an almost matchy-matchy outfit - jeans and a checkered long-sleeve button-down shirt except the actress sports blue while Dae Myung wore red.

During the duo's interview, the actor showed their affection towards their characters, describing Yang Seok Hyung and Chu Min Ah as "the best."

As the 40-year-old actor chose his most notable scene, he picked where Min Ah confessed her feelings five times, which showed a thrilling moment for the Gomgom couple.

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To recall, the OB-Gyne fellow was the one who admitted her true feelings for the professor, but he initially suggested that he was not interested in dating.

Fortunately, Hospital Playlist season 2 did not disappoint and left the viewers hanging after Seok Hyung says that he feels the same way for Min Ah.

Wintergarden Couple

Shin Hyun Bin thought of Yoo Yeon Seok's character, Ahn Jung Won, as the "ideal boyfriend" because of his personality as understanding and considerate.

Hospital Playlist 2
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During their interview, the actor chose their first kiss in season 2 as their most memorable scene.

"We filmed a kiss scene as a train passed by. I think it was pretty in many ways," he shared.

IkSong Couple

Last but definitely not least is the IkSong couple, played by Jeon Mi Do and Jo Jung Suk!

The actress, who took the role of neurosurgeon Chae Song Hwa noted the rain scene with Lee Ik Jun as one of the remarkable episodes in Hospital Playlist 2.

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"The scene where it suddenly rained and Ik Jun and I held hands was memorable. There is a freshness that is not like being in your 40s," she mentioned.

Hospital Playlist 2 Cast Talks About Season 3

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The special episode also tackled the highly anticipated "Hospital Playlist" season 3 and mentioned their stance regarding this.

Jeon Mi Do knew that there are a lot of fans waiting for the next sequel; however, Yoo Yeon Seok seems to be hopeful for the beloved medical Kdrama to return with a new season and asked: "since there was Season 2, won't there be a day when we will greet Season 3 someday?"

The same goes for Kim Dae Myung, who is also curious if the tvN drama will return, but he advised fans to "wait a little bit."

To recall, the production team previously mentioned that even the cast and the crews "are determined to cooperate if there is season 3 someday, but as for now, there is no specific plan."

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