Park Hae Soo’s New Thriller K-Drama ‘Chimera’ to Premiere in October

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Right after the success of Netflix original series Squid Game, one of its main actors, Park Hae Soo, is set to make his return next month. According to News1 on September 27, OCN's forthcoming weekend Kdrama Chimera confirmed its much-awaited premiere on October 30.

Starring Park Hae Soo, OCN's New Mystery Kdrama Chimera is Set for Release in October

Forthcoming thriller-mystery Kdrama Chimera tells the truth story of a serial explosion murder case, called Chimera, that happened again after 35 years. Squid Game actor Park Hae Soo takes the role of detective Cha Jae Hwan, Mouse actor Lee Hee Jun will play the role of Lee Joong Yeob, a doctor, and Soo Hyun as profiler Yoo Jin.

Park Hae Soo
(Photo : BH)
Park Hae Soo

The trio will work together to find the culprit behind the case. While they are in the middle of investigation, they also try to reveal the hiddden secret between the two murder cases from 1984 and 2019.

Chimera was scheduled to release last 2019 but was moved to a later date due to some circumstances.

The said Chimera is the name of a monster that looks like a deity in Greek mythology. This unique and fresh concept is expected to excite and hype the viewers a month before its scheduled broadcast.

Mostly, Kdrama enthusiasts are already excited to see more of Park Hae Soo in a new drama where he will be showing a new character different from his previous Kdrama Squid Game.

Wi Ha Joon and Park Hae Soo
(Photo : Wi Ha Joon's Instagram)
Wi Ha Joon and Park Hae Soo

Meanwhile, an OCN representative expressed, “We have returned to the original genre of OCN that viewers prefer. We will show you works that maximize immersion with sophisticated directing and fresh characters, so please look forward to it.”

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Did You Know? Park Hae Soo and Lee Hee Jun are Labelmates

Park Hae Soo and Lee Hee Jun, two of the known actors in Korean entertainment industry, are actually under the same label.

Lee Hee Joon
(Photo : tvN's Official Instagram)
Lee Hee Jun

Park Hae Soo and Lee Hee Jun are both signed in BH Entertainment, home agency to Kim Go Eun, Kim Byung Hun, Hang Hyo Joo, Park Bo Young, Lee Ji Ah, GOT7's Jinyoung, and many more talented actors.

More Upcoming Projects for Actor Park Hae Soo

The 39-year-old actor captured the viewers' attention with his new hit Kdrama series Squid Game

Chimera Cast - Park Hae Soo, Soo Yeon, Lee Hee Jun
(Photo : News1)
Chimera Cast - Park Hae Soo, Soo Yeon, Lee Hee Jun

Aside from Chimera, Park Hae Soo will appear on TV with the dramas The House of Paper, or the Money Heist Korean adaptation. He will also be in Netflix's Suriname, alongside Jo Woo Jin, Ha Jung Woo, Yoo Yeon Seok, and Hwang Jung Min.

Park Hae Soo will also hit the cinemas with new films, namely Yacha and Phantom.

With his excellent acting skills, fans can't wait to see the actor in different compelling shows and movies in the remaining months of 2021 until 2022.

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Can't wait to see more of Park Hae Soo's acting in his new drama Chimera? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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