‘Police University’ Episode 13: Krystal Ends Things With Jinyoung + Yoo Youngjae and Lee Dal are Subject to Expulsion

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The much awaited Police University Episode 13 highlighted the intense happenings inside the university, reaching the far end to catch the criminals hiding inside the university. However, Kang Seon Ho (Jinyoung) faces a dilemma after a dilemma. Oh Kang Hee (Krystal) just had enough. Jo Joon Wook (Youngjae) and No Beom Tae (Lee Dal) are subject to expulsion.

Police University Episode 13: Oh Kang Hee Ends Things With Kang Seon Ho

In the previous episode, professor Yoo Dong Man (Cha Tae Hyun) was involved in a car accident. Luckily, he survived the shock and didn't receive any severe injury.

When he was still in the hospital, the chief police, who was involved with the illegal gambing case, visited him and warned the poor detective to stop or else, they would target Seon Ho.

'Police University'
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Because of this, Dong Man's rage only intensified. Unbeknownst to the two, Kang Hee, who visited the detective after knowing what happened, has been listening to the man behind Dong Man's bed.

With a worried heart, she asked her boyfriend, Seon Ho, to stop involving himself in things that should be taken care of by the adults and authorities.

However, Seon Ho refused, and continued with his plans. Seon Ho even came clean to Kang Hee and his friends, Joon Wook and Beom Tae, about his past - he hacked the illegal gamblers' site and stole money from them.

That was the last straw. If Seon Ho won't stop risking his life, Kang Hee's resolve was to break up with her boyfriend.

Jo Joon Wook and No Beom Tae Cooperates With Seon Ho, Subject to Expulsion

After Seon Ho's encounter with Jang Jae Gyu (Lee Sung Woo), he learned that there is a safe where all the documents regarding the illegal gamblers lie in the university.

The following day, he decided to conduct an investigation in the university's shooting range, where the security is far stricter.

'Police University' Still Cuts
(Photo : )
'Police University' Still Cuts
(Photo : KBS)

However, his friends Joon Wook and Beom Tae, excluding Kang Hee, decided to join his team. The two then went to the shooting range to check whether they could open the building with the key that was given by Jang Jae Gyu.

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'Police University' Still Cuts
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True to his words, it was indeed the key to the building. But luck was not on their side that night as Joon Wook and Beom Tae were caught red-handed by Min Gyu (Chu Young Woo), a student council member who was patrolling the same night.

Joon Wook and Beom Tae then were summoned to a disciplinary committee meeting, where professors Seo Sang Hak (Kang Shin Il), Baek Hee (Seo Ye Hwa), Kwon Hyuk Pil (Lee Jong Hyuk), and Choi Hee Soo (Hong Soo Hyun) decide whether they would get a penalty or a more grave consequence like an expulsion.

Kang Seon Ho Begins Investigation, Yoo Dong Man's Rage Heightens

As Joon Wook and Beom Tae face the wrath of the professors who weren't too pleased about them violating the school rules, Seon Ho begins his investigation.

'Police University' Still Cuts
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Once again, he hacked the school's system and turned off every camera that could document his shenanigan.

He broke into the shooting range quite easily, however, he struggled opening the safe that contained the confidential files, which was heavily guarded by a pass code.

Luckily, he successfully opened it after trying twice. Meanwhile, an enraged Dong Man arrives, admitting that he asked the students to do the dirty things for him.

Kang Seon Ho Unravels the Culprit's Identity

While Seon Ho was skimming through the files, a cold, dangerous gun was aimed on his head.

'Police University' Still Cuts
(Photo : KBS)
'Police University' Still Cuts
(Photo : KBS)

Thankfully, Seon Ho's partner and lovely girlfriend came to the rescue, giving Jang Jae Gyu the dangerous vibrations of her taser.

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As Kang Hee cuffed the criminal, Seon Ho packed the confidential files in his bag, he saw a photo of the members of illegal gamblers, standing side-by-side, shoulder-to-shoulder.

'Police University' Still Cuts
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Seon Ho wasn't fazed after seeing Park Chul Jin (Song Jin Woo), professor Dong Man's former partner, in the photo but he sure became white all over after unraveling the identity of the culprit inside the university.

In the photo, a younger Choi Hee Soo was all-smiles together with the others.

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