‘Yumi’s Cells’ Episode 5: Kim Go Eun Gets Jealous at Ahn Bo Hyun’s Best Friend Park Ji Hyun

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Yumi's Cells episode 5 features how Kim Go Eun and Ahn Bo Hyun's characters adjust to their new relationship. 

Moreover, the latest episode also highlights Yumi's jealousy towards Seo Sae Yi, played by Park Ji Hyun. 

Yumi's Cells Episode 5 Highlights: Yumi's Birthday

The day has come for the new couple to celebrate Yumi's birthday. 

In Yumi's Cells episode 5, Goo Woong took an effort to surprise her with a gift, sparking excitement at Sepho village. 

During their fancy dinner date, the game developer swooned Yumi by giving her a present. Of course, this surprised her, and she kept on guessing what was inside the box. 

At Sepho village, the cells gathered as they bet on what was inside the box. 

Yumi's Cells
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Fashion cell thinks that Yumi is going to receive a clutch while Emotion cell gambles all her money, saying that the box contains a necklace. 

Upon opening, she was disappointed to see a portable charger, but Goo Woong insisted on opening it to see if it was working. 

To her surprise, the present turns out to be a box of jewelry. Goo Woong stepped up his A-game and gifted Yumi with a stunning necklace. 

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Yumi Meets Seo Sae Yi

Yumi's Cells episode 5 highlights the tense encounter of Kim Yumi and Seo Sae Yi, the art director at Goo Woong's team. 

While having their dinner date, Goo Woong received a text message from his team informing him about some lapses regarding their program. This means that he had to go back to the office and fix it. 

Yumi then accompanied her boyfriend and is looking forward to meeting his colleagues, including Seo Sae Yi. 

Yumi really wanted to meet her after knowing that there's a female in his team and having a close relationship with Goo Woong. 

In addition, she also has a feeling that Sae Yi liked him after seeing the yuzu preserve at his house with a special note for him. 

At first, the cells were confident that Yumi would ace their first meeting and get the upper hand over Seo Sae Yi. 

Unfortunately, their plan didn't go well as the two met at the restroom. Sae Yi greeted Yumi first and told her how close she and Goo Woong were, making Yumi create a scenario in her that something was going on between the two. 

Yumi's Cells
(Photo : TVING Official Instagram)
Yumi's Cells
(Photo : TVING Official Instagram)
Yumi's Cells
(Photo : TVING Official Instagram)

However, Sae Yi didn't stop there and acknowledged Yumi's new necklace. She told her that they both brought the necklace together since Goo Woong had terrible taste in picking gifts. Of course, this messed up Yumi's head, and she started to doubt her boyfriend. 

In short, Seo Sae Yi created a misunderstanding between the couple. 

The First Fight

The situation prompted Yumi to leave her workplace, which confused Goo Woong. 

During their conversation, he sensed that Yumi was angry because of Sae Yi. 

To patch things up, he left his office and went to Yumi's place. Being the gentleman, Goo Woong did not want to wrap up Yumi's birthday with a misunderstanding between them. 

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