Park Hae Soo Relationship Status 2021: Why the ‘Squid Game’ Star is Everyone’s Ideal Husband?

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Park Hae Soo is winning in life and in love after reaching worldwide fame through Netflix's "Squid Game" and at the same time being happily married to his non-showbiz wife.

Amid the massive buzz of the nine-episode series, the 39-year-old star received the biggest and most exciting surprise in his life.

On September 29, his agency BH Entertainment confirmed that the actor and his wife welcomed their first child.

Moreover, he also took the opportunity to thank everyone with a heartfelt message, especially to his fans, saying that he is grateful for the people congratulating him on the birth of his son.

"I let my wife know before the interview today that the news was being released today, so she should expect to hear from a lot of people soon," Park Hae Soo said in a press interview."

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Park Hae Soo's Relationship Update: Keeping Things Low Key

Park Hae Soo New Drama 'Chimaira'
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To recall, the South Korean hottie tied the knot in January 2019 and married his girlfriend, who is six years younger than him which he met through a mutual friend.

Interestingly, only a few people attended the private ceremony in Seoul, including the couple's family and close acquaintances such as his "Prison Playbook" co-stars.

Amid his fame and being a public personality, Park Hae Soo's relationship is low key, and he likes to keep it that way as he seldom talks about her in interviews.

Upon announcing his engagement, the actor did not disclose his then-fiancee's name to the media.

Why Park Hae Soo is an Ideal Husband

Park Hae Soo
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Apart from his jaw-dropping looks, the "Quantum Physics" star has the qualities of an ideal husband. First, he is unafraid to show his romantic side.

In a 2019 interview, the couple's wedding planner, Park Ji Yeon, spilled the details regarding the private ceremony.

The wedding planner described Park Hae Soo as a "hopeless romantic," which translated into the photos.

"Despite the tight schedule with filming, the groom showed his hopeless romantic side by taking care of his bride throughout the entire photoshoot," Park Ji Yeon said in an interview.

Moreover, instead of having a grandeur wedding photo, the couple chose to do it under the "most natural settings to remind them of the beginning of their relationship."

Another thing that makes Park Hae Soo an ideal husband is the way she talks about his wife.

As mentioned above, the award-winning actor frequently discusses personal details such as marriage in the media, but when he does, the 39-year-old star ensures that he will shower his wife with all the good words.

At the time when he announced to his fans that he was getting married, the actor went on to describe her in the sweetest way he could.

The 6'1 heartthrob says that his then-fiancee was a "gift" to him, adding that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, for the good and bad times.

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