‘One the Woman’ Episode 5: Lee Honey Gets Confused About Her Real Identity—Is She a Gangster? + Drama Achieves New Personal Best

One The Woman
One the Woman Episode 5
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The fifth episode of the SBS Friday and Saturday Kdrama One the Woman aired on October 1, featuring the identity crisis of the conglomerate heiress Kang Mi Na (Lee Honey).

Not only that but the people around her start to get more suspicious, eyeing Kang Mi Na's every move.

On the other hand, One the Woman achieves a new personal best, superseding its viewership ratings from the previous episodes.

One the Woman Episode 5 Highlights: Jo Yeon Joo Gets Confused About Her Real Identity

To recall, Jo Yeon Joo (Lee Honey) unexpectedly gets involved in a car accident after coming out of the auction sale event, where she saw the sophisticated version of herself.

After she woke up, she became the conglomerate heiress of the Hanju Group, Kang Mi Na. Little did she know that she would become the woman she saw at the event overnight.

'One the Woman'
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Han Seung Wook (Lee Sang Yoon) figures it out almost immediately, and devised a plan with Jo Yeon Joo with the goal to take over the throne of the company.

In the latest episode, due to the people's suspicions, she becomes suspicious of herself, too. Jo Yeon Joo gets confused about her real identity, and is later convinced that she is a gangster and a fraud.

While Jo Yeon Joo goes to work in the Hanju Group company, she gets stunned after hearing No Hak Tae (Kim Chang Wan) say, "Everything will be alright until the real Kang Mi Na comes."

Moreover, Jo Yeon Joo attracts more suspicions when, during lunch, her father-in-law Han Yeong Sik (Jeon Kook Hwan) proposes a merger with Hanju Hotel, saying that the death of a family member becomes an unlucky image.

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A moment later, she received a subpoena from the prosecution office as a reference for the auction, and Lee Bong Sik (Kim Jae Young), who only knows Kang Mi Na's whereabouts, sweats nervously as she secretly follows and watches him.

Will Jo Yeon Joo Get Busted?

One night, the prosecutor pretending to be a sophisticated heiress happily eats soybean noodles and later finds out that the real Kang Mi Na had a peanut allergy. She then pretended to be sick the next day according to Han Seung Wook's words.

'One the Woman'
(Photo : SBS)
'One the Woman'
(Photo : SBS)

While Jo Yeon Joo is pretending to be sick due to allergic reactions, her mother-in-law Seo Young Won (Na Young Hee) pours coffee at her elder brother Heo Jae Hee (Jo Yeon Hee) and scolds him, bringing tears to its viewers.

The Culprits of Misfortunes Resurface

On the other hand, Han Seung Wook visits the Hanju Fashion Factory where his father, unfortunately died after an unfortunate fire 14 years ago.

While looking for clues, he realizes that there is a connection between the one who hit Jo Yeon Joo by a car and Han Seong Hye's (Jin Seo Yeon) secretary.

'One the Woman'
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A moment of silence, Han Seung Wook realizes that Han Seong Hye was targeting Kang Mi Na to remove her from the succession line of the group.

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Moreover, he also figures out that Kang Mi Na's father Kang Myung Guk (Jung In Gi) is the prime suspect of the fire that happened 14 years ago.

One the Woman Achieves New Personal Best

'One the Woman'
(Photo : SBS)

The fifth episode of One the Woman, which aired on October 1, recorded an average 14.6% viewership ratings and a nationwide rating of 13.4, breaking its all-time high records.

The drama's highest viewership rating soared to 18%, ranking first in all programs aired on Friday.

Meanwhile, One the Woman Episode 6 is scheduled to air on October 2 at 10:00 p.m. on SBS and Viu.

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