Former GFriend Yerin Reveals Difference Between Being a Singer and Actress + Shares Thoughts on CIX Younghee

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Yerin, a former member of the group GFriend, expressed her deep thoughts on venturing into acting through her first web drama after the dismissal of the group.

The idol-turned-actress sat down with magazine Singles for a brief chat after her photoshoot with another idol and actor CIX Younghee.

GFriend Yerin and CIX Younghee Pose Together for Singles

GFriend Yerin and CIX Younghee were both selected to lead the upcoming web drama The Witch Shop: Reopen, which is a spin-off to the web drama that received 10 million views Welcome to the Witch Store.

GFriend Yerin and CIX Younghee for Singles
(Photo : Singles)
GFRIEND Yerin CIX Younghee

Yerin and Younghee met on a warm sunny day who posed together for their first couple shoot with Singles magazine.

At first, the two felt awkward around each other but soon matched each other's vibes and showed off their instant chemistry in the shoot.

The two completed a pictorial with their autumn looks with warm-colored knitted clothes and dazzling eyes.

The idol actors are set to work together in the upcoming drama The Witch Shop: Reopen, which marks Yerin's television debut.

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GFriend Yerin and CIX Younghee for Singles
(Photo : Singles)

Yerin discussed her thoughts on Younghee with him, saying, "The first meeting was pretty awkward yet it also feels like we were getting along well. It's not perfect, up until now, but as we meet and practice together, I am improving."

GFriend Yerin Spots the Difference Between Being a Singer and an Actress

The singer actress expressed her worries as a rookie in the television scene, saying, "I'm definitely lying if I said that I didn't feel any pressure about acting. With my nature, I always have the desire to do well. I want to act appropriately and comfortably. I always have the urge to push myself because I tend to fail when I don't."

GFriend Yerin and CIX Younghee for Singles
(Photo : Singles)

On the other hand, Yerin revealed the difference between singing and acting. "Both works are difficult to do perfectly. On stage, I can express myself more dynamically through music. When acting, I find it a little hard because I have to clearly express my thoughts and feelings through facial expressions and tonal voice. I'm still clumsy but I will get better over time."

The Witch Shop: Reopen Kdrama Summary and What We Know For Now

The adorable singer-turned-actress Yerin will make her debut to the small screen as Dark Witch Lee hae Na, who loves to gossip about almost everything around her.

She's a magical witch blessed with beauty, talent, and charm. But despite her striking characteristics, Lee Hae Na lacks in the department of business sales, which is important for her shop.

Opposite Younghee who will take the role of high school student Ji Ho who is always determined to finish a task once he puts his mind to it.

Ji Ho's dull and boring life is changed after the good student and dark witch meet in an unexpected situation, who work together as business partners  to revive the witch shop.

The Witch Shop: Reopen is slated to air in December of 2021.

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