'Squid Game' Trivia: Did You Know? Wi Ha Joon’s Role Was Not Included in the Original Script

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Squid Game director Hwang Dong Hyuk revealed an interesting fact about the breakout star Wi Ha Joon's role in the megahit Netflix series.

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Wi Ha Joon
(Photo : Wi Ha Joon's Instagram)
Wi Ha Joon

Wi Ha Joon as Hwang Jun Ho in Squid Game Was Not Originally Part of the Script

In an interview with Netflix Korea, the Squid Game cast and director unveiled new back stories about the series. Director Hwang Dong Hyuk shared another surprising fact about his project, especially on the characters involved.

Squid Game
(Photo : Netflix Korea | Wi Ha Joon Instagram)
Squid Game

Squid Game is Wi Ha Joon's breakout role, but his current popularity could've been out of sight right now is his character was decided to not be included.

Since the suspense-thriller Kdrama Squid Game was a work in progress project for 13 years since 2008, there were a lot of revisions that the writer-director had to make.

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Squid Game Kdrama: Netflix Made it Happen

According to Hwang Dong Hyuk, originally, Squid Game was written to be produced as a movie, but since the games are very complicated and there were scenarios that needed more attention, Dong Hyuk together with Netflix decided to make it as a series.

Wi Ha Joon
(Photo : Wi Ha Joon Official Instagram)

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Before it became a series, Hwang Dong Hyuk revealed that the role of the police officer Hwang Jun Ho wasn't included in the initial script.

He said, "When I was (originally) penning the movie script, Hwang Jun Ho wasn't part of it. Two hours was not enough to cover all the games. But when I was given the chance to do it as a series, that's the time that I was able to add more characters and stories to the whole concept."

Wi Ha Joon
(Photo : Netflix Korea Official Instagram)

The brilliant director successfully made new inputs in the series, and he was able to do it all with the help of the creatives behind the team. Hwang Dong Hyuk also acknowledged Netflix for giving him the opportunity to produce his project.

Due to that, he was able to include Jun Ho in the story which surprisingly became a big part of the drama.

Wi Ha Joon
(Photo : Wi Ha Joon's Instagram)

It seems that Wi Ha Joon was really meant to acquire the part. Now, viewers look forward to more of his projects.

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