‘Lovers of the Red Sky’ Episode 10: Ahn Hyo Seop Tells Kim Yoo Jung About the Demon King

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Lovers of the Red Sky Episode 10
Lovers of the Red Sky Episode 10 recap
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Ahn Hyo Seop's secret is slowly unraveling in Lovers of the Red Sky episode 10.

In the latest episode of the SBS historical drama, Kim Yoo Jung's character was stunned upon hearing the blind astrologer's confession.

Meanwhile, the grand prince, played by Gong Myung, shows eagerness to protect the divine painter.

Lovers of the Red Sky Episode 10 Highlights: Hong Cheon Gi Hesitant to Restore the Royal Painting

The October 6 episode began with Hong Cheon Gi showing unwillingness to restore the King Young Jong portrait.

It's because she believes that his father's illness started after he finished the royal painting, adding that she might end up ill just like Hong Eun Oh (Choi Kwang Il).

However, Prince Yang Myeong (Gong Myung) gets honest and tells the female painter that he cannot assure that nothing bad will happen to her but vows to ensure that the grand prince will keep her safe.

"I shall keep you safe no matter what," the grand prince assures Hong Cheon Gi, adding that he will also take care of her father.

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Prince Yang Myeong Receives Warning from the Head Priestess

Lovers of the Red Sky
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Lovers of the Red Sky episode 10 illustrates the head priestess' prediction to the grand prince.

After taking to Cheon Gi, Prince Yang Myeong bumped into Wol Sun of Seongju Cheong and warned the royal not to get involved with the female painter's love affair with someone.

She gets honest and explains that she is destined to be someone else.

Moreover, the head priestess also recalled the incident that happened 19 years ago where the demon king, Ma Wang, appeared.

During their private conversation, Wol Sun hints that the powerful demon was inside Ha Ram's body.

Despite the warning, Prince Yang Myeong is ready and willing to face the consequences just to be with Cheon Gi.

The Demon King Attacks Hong Cheon Gi

Lovers of the Red Sky
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It appears that Hong Cheon Gi can't escape the Demon King as "Lovers of the Red Sky" episode 10 featured another attack against the female painter.

It came after Ma Wang manifested in Ha Ram's body and harmed the sleeping Cheon Gi.

Luckily, the ring that he gave her saved Cheon Gi from the demon's attack.

Once again, the blind astrologer woke up and did not remember what he had done to the painter.

He was surprised that Cheon Gi was sleeping at her residence, but she did not tell the incident.

"You suddenly came into my room and then fell asleep," she said, covering up the attack.

Prince Yang Myeong Advised Ha Ram to Stay Away From Hong Cheon Gi

Due to the shaman's warning, the grand prince tells Ha Ram that he knew about his alter ego, the demon king.

With this, he warns the astrologer to stay away from Hong Cheon Gi until she finishes the painting.

"Is that the real reason why you wanted me to stay away from her?" he asked, believing that the royal had other motives.

Hong Cheon Gi Paints Ha Ram

After hearing the grand prince's warning, Ha Ram asked Cheon Gi to paint him a portrait. He chose a stunning place featuring a beautiful stream.

Lovers of the Red Sky
(Photo : SBS Official Instagram)
Lovers of the Red Sky
(Photo : SBS Official Instagram)
Lovers of the Red Sky
(Photo : SBS Official Instagram)
Lovers of the Red Sky
(Photo : SBS Official Instagram)

Here, the astrologer gave Cheon Gi a letter as payment for the artwork. Interestingly, the letter contains a pass that would transfer Cheon Gi and her father to another town and escape the area.

In addition, he also confessed that the demon resides in his body.

"The Demon King is right inside me. It seems that we cannot be together," he said.

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