‘Jinx’ Episode 1: SF9 Chani and Cosmic Girls Eunseo Suffer From Inevitable Bad Luck

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SF9 Chani and Cosmic Girls Eunseo immerse themselves with their characters in the upcoming romance Kdrama "Jinx," raising expectations on the unpredictable and tumultuous development that will unfold as the story progresses.

"Jinx" follows the story of a young man named Gyu Han (SF9 Chani) who is entailed with back luck, and everytime he sneezes, the opposite of what he wants happens. While trying to overcome his jinx, he struggles to fit in and win someone's heart.

Kdrama Jinx Episode 1 Highlights: Gyu Han Suffers From Inevitable Jinx and Heartbreak

In Kdrama Jinx episode 1, which aired on October 6, the heartbreaking story of Gyu Han who is passionate about his work and also love, suffers from constant bad luck brought by his jinx.

SF9 Chani and Cosmic Girls Eunseo for 'Jinx'
(Photo : KakaoTV)

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He did his best to express his feelings to the girl he likes, but was then rejected. He wanted to give Chan Mi (Kim Seo Yeon) a birthday present with the money he earned while working part-time. However, the girl he likes ignored him and his little gesture.

Instead, she presented the luxury bag Min Cheol (Ki Hyun Woo), a friend who is in the same class and is also interested in, gave her.

SF9 Chani and Cosmic Girls Eunseo for 'Jinx'
(Photo : KakaoTV)

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As he struggles to overcome a heartbreak, he just feels worse with his never-ending sneezing jinx. Because of this, he encountered many unfortunate situations at work, causing him to get a deduction from his work pay.

Gyu Han Finds Comfort in Timid and Uptight Co-Worker, Se Kyung

In the midst of his struggles, his part-time co-worker Se Kyung (Cosmic Girls Eun Seo), who has been ignoring his presence at work and also suffered from his jinx, gives him a sense of comfort through her words.

SF9 Chani and Cosmic Girls Eunseo for 'Jinx'
(Photo : KakaoTV)
SF9 Chani and Cosmic Girls Eunseo for 'Jinx'
(Photo : KakaoTV)

Despite Se Kyung's cold and indifference, she secretly cares for Gyu Han. She witnessed Gyu Han crying in the street, stimulating curiosity. Because of this, she started to pay more attention to him without knowing it.

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SF9 Chani and Cosmic Girls Eunseo for 'Jinx'
(Photo : KakaoTV)

Sneezing Jinx: Curse or a Blessing?

On the other hand, while Gyu Han is busy with work, his uncle, Hyuk Soo (Kim Han Jong) visits him and reveals something about his sneezing jinx. Hyuk Soo claims that his sneezing jinx is not a curse, but a blessing and a super power.

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With everything that happened, Gyu Han feels worn out and an antic like this does not entertain him. With his polite self, she ignores his uncle's revelation and went on with his day.

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