SF9 Chani and Cosmic Girls Eunseo Display Budding Cafe Romance in New Drama ‘Jinx’

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Kakao TV released new stills featuring SF9 Chani and Cosmic Girls Eunseo, who are set to display their acting abilities and hot-and-cold chemistry in the new fantasy romance drama "Jinx."

The two idol actors, prior to the drama, have been actively participating in their groups' comeback promotions with SF9's "Teardrop" and Cosmic Girls' "Let Me In".

SF9 Chani and Cosmic Girls Eunseo Display Cafe Romance in 'Jinx'

SF9 Chani and Cosmic Girls Eunseo draw attention with their polar opposite charms, who eventually become closer together.

SF9 Chani and Cosmic Girls Eunseo for 'Jinx'
(Photo : KakaoTV)

Chani is set to take on the role of Gyu Han, a young man who has a jinx that makes the opposite of what he wants coming to whenever he sneezes. He is a character who exudes warmth and has a bright personality.

In the newly released stills, he steals hearts of potential viewers with his innocent appearance. Gyu Han is most commonly seen wearing wide-rimmed round glasses, checkered shirt, and a sweatshirt

SF9 Chani and Cosmic Girls Eunseo for 'Jinx'
(Photo : KakaoTV)

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SF9 Chani and Cosmic Girls Eunseo for 'Jinx'
(Photo : KakaoTV)

Opposite Eunseo, who will portray the role of the cold and chic Se Kyung, Gyu Han's co-worker in a cafe and his love interest. She has a nice sense of style, unlike Gyu Han.

SF9 Chani and Cosmic Girls Eunseo for 'Jinx'
(Photo : KakaoTV)

Apart from her apron in her part-time job, she is always seen in elegant, achromatic attire. But the part-time job outfit is also impressive, exuding a girl crush charm.

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SF9 Chani and Cosmic Girls Eunseo for 'Jinx'
(Photo : KakaoTV)
SF9 Chani and Cosmic Girls Eunseo for 'Jinx'
(Photo : KakaoTV)

Fans and potential viewers are enthusiastically responding to the interesting combination of the two idol actors.

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A member of the production team of the drama shared, "Despite the two characters' opposite moods, their charms are indeed maximized when they are together. Please look forward to seeing Gyu Han and Se Kyung in "Jinx"."

K-Drama 'Jinx' Summary and Release Date

(Photo : Kakao Entertainment)

The upcoming drama "Jinx" follows the story of a young boy who tries to win a girl's heart while struggling with his instilled bad luck. Every time he sneezes, the opposite of what he wishes comes true.

"Jinx" is helmed by director Nam Tae Jin and scripted by Moon Un Young, and is produced by Kakao TV. It consists of 10 episodes, 15 minutes each.

The forthcoming fantasy romance is set to premiere on Wednesday, October 6 at 9:00 a.m. KST.

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