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Lee Honey's One the Woman soared to a new high after its highly anticipated seventh episode. The drama started blissfully with a solid rating, and continued to rise higher in each succeeding episode. In One the Woman Episode 7, Ahn Yoo Jun (Lee Won Geun) founds out Jo Yeon Joo's (Lee Honey) true identity.

Kdrama One the Woman Records New Solid Viewership Rating

One the Woman Episode 7 soared to a new high, surpassing the solid ratings in its previous episodes. The Korean series received favorable feedback and recorded a viewership rating of 15% nationwide, a bit higher than its high rating of 13.4% in the last five episodes.

Ratings are expected to skyrocket even more as the drama enters its second half, both exciting and shocking revelations unfolding one by one.

One the Woman Episode 7 Highlights: Ahn Yoo Jun Finds the Truth About Jo Yeon Joo's Identity

In the latest episode of the drama, Jo Yeon Joo returns to her real life as a prosecutor, hiding her secret of living a double life as heiress Kang Mi Na.

'One the Woman'
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However, suspicions grow as days go by. Ahn Yoo Jun, Jo Yeon Joo's fellow prosecutor, asks one of their co-workers, "The prosecutor sometimes goes missing, doesn't she? There's no way she could disappear like this everytime, right?"

On the same day, Ahn Yoo Jun meets Jo Yeon Joo who appeared at their office in Seopyeon. He then starts interrogating her with his suspicions, without much thinking, "You are Kang Mi Na, aren't you? And you don't know a thing about Jo Yeon Joo?"

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Ahn Yoo Jun hands Jo Yeon Joo's wallet, showing a picture with her grandmother. Fortunately, Jo Yeon Joo remembers her and realizes that she is a prosecutor by profession. She convinces Yoo Jun that she is a real prosecutor, and not a faker.

'One the Woman'
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Lee Honey One The Woman

However, after Ahn Yoo Jun tries to pour water on a paper towel, he figures out that the Jo Yeon Joo is truly real, "Out prosecutors are the only ones who cherish this piece of paper, habits do not disappear easily."

Because of this, the prosecutor decides to come clean and confesses that she is impersonating the heiress.

Ahn Yoo Jun states, "You are well aware of the extent to which impersonation or perjury is a crime, right? How can you be like this? You became a puppet."

Ahn Yoo Jun then helps Jo Yeon Joo to return to the prosecutor's office, and resumes to work at the Central District Prosecutor's Office.

Jo Yeon Joo Bares Her Soul to Han Seung Wook

At the end of the episode, Jo Yeon Joo and Han Seung Wook (Lee Sang Yoon) engage in a deep, heart-to-heart talk, after Jo Yeon Joo realizes her real identity as a prosecutor.

'One the Woman'
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As she promised to help him get his rightful succession position in the family, she will still continue to act as the heiress Kang Mi Na, who is Han Seung Wook's first love.

However, it was then revealed that the said first love who comforted Han Seung Wook 14 years ago wasn't Kang Mi Na, but Jo Yeon Joo.

'One the Woman'
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Tension and anticipation are rising to an extreme. Meanwhile, One the Woman" Episode 8 airs on October 9 at 10:00 p.m. KST on SBS.

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