Lee Honey, Lee Sang Yoon, and Lee Won Geun’s ‘One the Woman’ Achieves New Personal Best After its All-Time High Ratings + Drama’s 3 Exciting Charms to Watch For

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SBS TV's Friday and Saturday romance comedy drama "One the Woman" starring Lee Honey, Lee Sang Yoon, Lee Won Geun, and Jin Seo Yeon that follows the story of a female prosecutor who transforms into a conglomerate heiress overnight breaks it own all-time high ratings for three weeks in a row.

On October 11, the production team of the drama revealed the three exciting points to watch for as it enters the second half of "One the Woman".

'One the Woman' Breaks All-Time High Ratings

"One the Woman" breaks its steady ratings for three weeks in a row as the tension, romance, and mystery in the drama soar high.

According to Good Data Corporation, a television research institute, the Friday and Saturday drama breaks through the wall with the highest viewership rating of 20%.

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"One the Woman" started blissfully with its premiere on September 17, and the drama recorded a cumulative number of 25 million onlive views. 

Meanwhile, Lee Honey, who challenges herself with a two-acting role in the drama, tops the rank of the top performers section, proving her popularity and skills.

Exciting Charms No One Should Miss: Jo Yeon Joo and Han Seung Wook's Heart-Shaking Romance

Jo Yeon Joo (Lee Honey) and Han Seung Wook (Lee Sang Yoon), who work hand-in-hand to preserve their position in the Hanju Group succession system, stimulate excitement with their romance that intensifies each episode.

'One the Woman'
(Photo : SBS)
'One the Woman'
(Photo : SBS)

In the latest episodes, Han Seung Wook announces his feelings, and gradually expresses his jealousy over Jo Yeon Joo's friend Ahn Yu Jun's (Lee Won Geun) appearance.

Moreover, the person who gave comfort to Han Seung Wook 14 years ago, his first love, wasn't Kang Mi Na (Lee Honey), but Jo Yeon Joo.

'One the Woman'
(Photo : SBS)

However, as their romance solidifies, Jo Yeon Joo's father Kang Myung Guk (Jung In Gi) is the arsonist who killed Han Seung Wook's father, and it is difficult to see whether the two will be able to grow their love for each other despite the cruel destiny.

Jo Yeon Joo, Han Seung Wook, and No Hak Tae: The Three Musketeers

As long as Jo Yeon Joo has not remembered all her memories yet, and pretends to be Kang Mi Na, Han Seung Wook and No Hak Tae (Kim Chang Wan) are the only ones who know her real identity.

The three are dubbed as "The Three Musketeers" who give color and fun every Friday and Saturday, receiving warm response from the viewers.

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In particular, Noh Hak Tae plays an active role as Jo Yeon Joo's secretary, easing everyone's worry with his cute and warm appearance.

While Han Seung Wook is also struggling, he is also doing his best to help. Expectations are rising for the future performances of the three, who display the best synergy yet, as to how they will be able to pull off their stints as the story progresses.

Jo Yeon Joo and Ahn Yu Jun's One-Sided Adoration

Ahn Yu Jun, a prosecutor and a close friend of Jo Yeon Joo, effortlessly catches Jo Yeon Joo, who has been living a double life after she appeared at the Seopyeong Branch Office once.

After having a nervous talk, Ahn Yu Jun, Jo Yeon Joo, together with Han Seung Wook talked together as to how they will work out together to keep their secret safe from outsiders.

'One the Woman'
(Photo : SBS)

Han Seung Wook nonchalantly expressed his adoration for the woman, however, Ahn Yu Jun raises curiosity as to how his "unrequited love" will work between the two.

The production team of "One the Woman" said, "As the drama progresses, the hidden stories of the people surrounding Jo Yeon Joo in the play will be revealed, making it clear whether they are friends or enemies. Also, please look forward to Jo Yeon Joo's potential relationships."

The ninth episode of "One the Woman" is slated to air on Friday, October 15 at 10:00 p.m. KST on SBS. It will also be available on Viu.

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