Wi Ha Joon Net Worth 2021: Did You Know? ‘Squid Game’ Actor is Also a Businessman

Wi Ha Joon
Wi Ha Joon Squid Game
Wi Ha Joon Net Worth 2021
Squid Game Cast
(Photo : Wi Ha Joon's Instagram)

Kdrama heartthrob Wi Ha Joon is consistently making headlines today. After gaining 7.7 million followers on Instagram, many were curious how much he already earned, most especially now that he starts to appear in various shows along with the "Squid Game" cast.

Most of the viewers see that Wi Ha Joon is making a living through doing dramas, movies, and other shows, but the truth is, he is also a real-life businessman. Just like any other individual who wants to explore new things, Ha Joon invested most of his time in acting and of course, marketing.

Wi Ha Joon Net Worth 2021: How Rich is the 'Squid Game' Actor?

According to Hollywood's magazine, Wi Ha Joon's net worth is USD 3 million. But the moment he appeared in the titular Kdrama "Squid Game," and became one of the most-talked-about Kdrama actors until today, his net worth is expected to increase. He is also booked with new projects until next year. Plus, his social media engagement tripled.

Wi Ha Joon Net Worth 2021
(Photo : MS team Entertainment's Instagram)

Wi Ha Joon's Business

Many can relate to Wi Ha Joon, especially men who love to buy and wear various branded shoes. From being a consumer, Ha Joon built his own Yeezy sneakers business. There is no confirmed information yet whether he is running the business solo or in partnership. Hence, Wi Ha Joon proves that he both excel in acting and business.

Wi Ha Joon
(Photo : Wi Ha Joon's Instagram)

Due to his multiple sources of income the 30-year-old actor is indeed one of the richest Korean celebrities in this generation.

Aside from acting and engaging in a business, Wi Ha Joon is also a model. Even before he rose to stardom, the "18 Again" star was already active in modeling. Recently, he was featured in Men's Health Magazine Korea.

Wi Ha Joon
(Photo : Men's Health Korea Official Instagram)

Netizens were in awe seeing his toned and healthy physique. His discipline in maintaining a perfect body figure was lauded by the fans.

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Wi Ha Joon Instagram Update with the 'Squid Game' Cast

Last October 7, the "Squid Game" cast Lee Jung Jae, Park Hae Soo, Jung Ho Yeon and Wi Ha Joon appeared as guests at the famous American talk show "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon."

Wi Ha Joon and Lee Jung Jae
(Photo : Wi Ha Joon's Instagram)

It was their first-ever guest appearance in American entertainment. Since "Squid Game '' hit the world by storm, the cast started to become popular all around the world. In order for them to give back the love and support given by the fans, the cast always updates them on social media, specifically on Instagram.

Wi Ha Joon and Park Hae Soo
(Photo : Wi Ha Joon's Instagram)

Lee Jung Jae and other cast members couldn't help but to produce their own accounts to engage with the fans.

Wi Ha Joon shared some behind the scene snaps of their recent appearance at "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon." Netizens immediately sent their heart reactions to the photos and as of October 11, his post already gained 3.9 million likes!

Wi Ha Joon and Jung Ho Yeon
(Photo : Wi Ha Joon's Instagram)

Meanwhile, after "Squid Game," Wi Ha Joon is ready to meet the viewers in December with his new Kdrama "Bad and Crazy."

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