Kim So Yeon Shares ‘The Penthouse’ Cast Reunion with Choi Ye Bin and Secretary Do Kim Do Hyun

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(Photo : Kim So Yeon Official Instagram)

In case you missed "The Penthouse: War in Life" cast, Kim So Yeon gets reunited with her on-screen daughter Choi Ye Bin and Secretary Do, Kim Do Hyun.

The Baeksang Arts Best Actress took to social media as she updated her 1.6 million followers with their mini "The Penthouse" get-together.

Kim So Yeon's Instagram Shares "The Penthouse" Reunion with Choi Ye Bin and Kim Do Hyun

The 40-year-old beauty teased fans with a stunning photo together with her "The Penthouse" cast.

Still rocking the short hair seen in the Kdrama finale, the trio smiled in front of the camera, with Ye Bin displaying her fun side by donning a wacky pose.

"Secretary Do, Cheon Seo Jin, Ha Eun Byul. Happy yesterday," Kim So Yeon's Instagram reads.

The Penthouse Cast
(Photo : Kim So Yeon Official Instagram)

Over in the comment section, Kim Do Hyun left a comment calling the award-winning star "director."

Meanwhile, fans expressed how they missed "The Penthouse" cast, especially the mother and daughter tandem of Kim So Yeon and Choi Ye Bin.

On the other hand, Kim Do Hyun also posted an almost similar pic in his Instagram Stories, except that they are bonded over coffee and pastries.

The Penthouse Cast
(Photo : Kim Do Hyun Official Instagram)

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Get to Know Cheon Seo Jin, Ha Eun Byeol, and Secretary Do

In the revenge SBS Kdrama "The Penthouse" trilogy, the "Happy Home" star took on the role of Cheong-A Arts High School directress and prima donna Cheon Seo Jin, who is willing to give up everything for her daughter, Han Eun Byeol, played by the 23-year-old actress.

Penthouse 3
(Photo : SBS Drama Official Instagram)
‘The Penthouse 2'
(Photo : SBS official Instagram)

To give a brief background, Han Eun Byeol's father is Seo Jin's ex-husband Ha Yoon Chul portrayed by Yoon Jong Hoon, before she remarried to Joo Dan Tae, played by Uhm Ki Joon.

Interestingly, with her busy and not to mention her overly dramatic life, Seo Jin has her trusty secretary named Do, portrayed by Kim Do Hyun.

Penthouse 3
(Photo : SBS Drama Official Instagram)

He is responsible for ensuring that the prima donna's wealth is within her reach and that she is one step ahead of the evil Hera Palace chairman.

Life After 'Penthouse 3'

After successfully wrapping up three seasons of the popular revenge drama, the cast is on to their respective upcoming projects.

For Choi Ye Bin, "The Penthouse: War in Life" helped her skyrocket her fame which opened a lot of doors for future series.

Choi Ye Bin
(Photo : Choi Ye Bin Official Instagram)

She is set to star in the new rom-com Kdrama "Love & Wish," opposite GOT7 Youngjae.

Meanwhile, Kim So Yeon recently graced the 2021 Fact Music Awards, where she looked dazzling and elegantly gorgeous as one of the presenters.

Kim So Yeon - 2021 TMA
(Photo : Kim So Yeon's Instagram)

Although "The Penthouse" trilogy is her latest project since 2020, the award-winning actress once revealed that she missed filming the revenge drama.

In an interview, she revealed that after wrapping up the drama, she felt "sepanx" and felt sad as the finale approached.

"It may be that I've deeply grown fond of it during the one year and a half, but I miss it already now when it's been ten days since filming ended," she said, adding that she wanted to have a character like Cheon Seo Jin.

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