Park Eun Bin and SF9 Rowoon’s ‘The King’s Affection’ Dishes Out 3 Things to Anticipate in the Drama

The King's Affection
Park Eun Bin
SF9 RoWoon
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The upcoming historical drama "The King's Affection" starring Park Eun Bin and SF9 Rowoon finally takes its veil off on Monday, October 11.

Before its much awaited premiere, the drama dished out three things to anticipate in "The King's Affection".

'The King's Affection' 3 Key Points to Anticipate in the Drama: Park Eun Bin and SF9 Rowoon's Exciting Chemistry

The beautiful yet forbidden romance that blooms between crown prince Lee Hwi and teacher Jung Ji Woon, played by Park Eun Bin and SF9 Rowoon, respectively, unfolds an exciting narrative that will certainly hook potential viewers' hearts.

Lee Hwi is a woman who was born as a twin, but was soon abandoned due to her gender. Growing up, she aimed for perfection, and her main goal in life is to assume the throne. On the other hand, Ji Woon is the handsome and bright teacher who stays by the crown prince's side at all times.

In particular, the chemistry between first-time on-screen partners Park Eun Bin and SF9 Rowoon is expected to strengthen the foundation of the newest historical romance drama.

Star-Studded Lineup That Solidifies 'The King's Affection'

Huge stars, both fresh and seasoned actors, are all out to solidify the Monday and Tuesday drama.

First, Park Eun Bin and SF9 Rowoon, who guarantee high viewership ratings, firmly stand in the center of the drama.

'The King's Affection'
(Photo : KBS)

They will once again show their brilliance as actors, raising expectations. "The King's Affection" is Park Eun Bin's first historical drama after seven years, and SF9 Rowoon's first take on diversifying his roles.

On the other hand, rising stars Nam Yoon Soo, Choi Byung Chan, Bae Yoon Kyung, and Jung Chaeyeon will also participate in the drama, serving refreshing fragrance with their beauty and acting abilities.

'The King's Affection'
(Photo : KBS)

In addition to that, seasoned actors Bae Soo Bin, Lee Pil Mo, Baek Hyun Joo, Ko Kyu Pil, and Kim Jae Cheol, who proved their outstanding capabilities in previous works, are set to make the atmosphere interesting.

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Finally, Kim In Kwon, Park Eun Hye, Lee Il Hwa, Son Yeo Eun, Han Chae Ah, and Son Jong Hak guarantee the stability of the drama just by their appearances.

'The King's Affection' Director Song Hyun Wook's Sensuous Directing Skills

Director Song Hyuk Wook consistently produced top-rating dramas such as "Beauty Inside," "Oh Hae Young Again," and "Marriage, Not Dating", to name a few.

This time, he challenges himself with his first take on a historical drama mixed with cross-dressing trope, that adds popular fun.

He confidently said, "You will be able to truly feel a happy heart if you watch "The King's Affection"."

The drama is expected to decorate a well-made historical drama that will give harmony to both the director and actors, and the emotional lines of the characters in details, visuals, and aesthetics.

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On the other hand, "The King's Affection" is set to premiere on October 11 at 9:30 p.m on KBS. It will also air on Netflix and Viu.

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