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The "Squid Game" mania sparks massive desire of viewers to learn Korean culture, especially their language. 

The nine-episode Netflix series starring Lee Jung Jae, Park Hae Soo, Wi Ha Joon, Jung Ho Yeon, and more have dominated the entertainment industry since it was first released on September 17. 

For weeks, the thriller Kdrama was able to surpass blockbuster series such as the post-apocalyptic Kdrama "Sweet Home," the mega-hit Spanish crime series" Money Heist," and the worldwide success of the period drama "Bridgerton."

'Squid Game' Craze Boosts the Demand for Korean E-Learning Services

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Amid the huge popularity of "Squid Game," media outlets noted that the demand for tutoring services rose to more than 50 percent. 

According to Reuters, a language learning app called Duolingo Inc increased their sign-up for new users to 76 percent in Britain and 40 percent in the United States. This is just two weeks after the premiere of the Hwang Dong Hyuk directed K-series. 

With the Korean language being the second fastest-growing communication next to Hindi, the app also believes that the rising figures suggest an influx of "Squid Game-inspired studying."  

Moreover, Duolingo spokesperson Sam Dalsimer said to Reuters that the developing pop culture and Hallyu craze "influenced" the eagerness of people to learn the language. 

"Language and culture are intrinsically connected, and what happens in pop culture and media often influences trends in language and language learning," said the app representative. 

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The Hallyu Craze 

It is worth noting that before the "Squid Game" craze, Korean culture is slowly becoming well known outside Asia. 

To recall, the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) recently added 26 new words of Korean origin, such as "Hallyu," which means Korean wave and is widely used to describe the massive success of the country's film, music, fashion, and more.

With this, Dalsimer also added that this also added to the "increasing demand for learning Korean."

Will 'Squid Game' Earn a Nod at the Emmys?
Squid Game Hong Sung Tae
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Apart from its contribution to the popularity of South Korea's pop culture and for surpassing the achievement of notable shows, "Squid Game" is rumored to enter the Emmys. 

Moreover, experts believe that it might take home a major award. 

As cited by Variety, an Academy of Television Arts & Sciences representative believes that the nine-episode Netflix K-series is eligible for an Emmy nomination. 

On the other hand, the fans think that Lee Jung Jae and Park Hae Soo's Kdrama is next in line with the global success of the Bong Joon Ho-directed movie, "Parasite."

"Squid Game" follows the story of 456 debt-ridden participants who hope to turn their life around by winning the grand prize of 45.6 billion won or USD 38 million. 

Squid Games
(Photo : Netflix Korea)

Little did they know that they were about to meet their devastating fate --and that is to participate in a survival game. 

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