‘Hospital Playlist 2’ Director Admits Having ‘Lots of Stories Left to Tell’ for Season 3

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Hospital Playlist Season 2
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Hospital Playlist Season 2 director Shin Won Ho talks about the massive success of the medical drama's second season and the public's desire for season 3. 

The tvN Kdrama stars Jeon Mi Do, Jo Jung Suk, Yoo Yeon Seok, Jung Kyung Ho, and Kim Dae Myung as doctors at Yulje Medical Center. 

The 12-episode series became a huge hit not just to Kdrama fandom since it doesn't only tackles the struggles of the five medical doctors but also the challenges among the staff and their patients. 

Interestingly, Hospital Playlist season 2 also highlighted the slow burn romance of the Wintergarden, GomGom, IkSong, and the JunSun couples. 

PD Shin Won Ho Hints at Hospital Playlist Season 3

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Hospital Playlist cast

In a recent interview, the well-known director shared his honest thoughts regarding the highly anticipated Hospital Playlist Season 3. 

PD Shin Won Ho confessed that there are stories that still need to be highlighted if ever the sequel will push through.

"There are still a lot of stories left to tell about the patients and their guardians. Since the initial plan was to tell the stories of these doctors' daily lives, there are still a lot of stories remaining," he said, adding "there's no end to the daily lives of the' 99ers.'"

However, the medical drama spoke about the "exhaustion" he and the team felt producing season 2. 

"Since I've accumulated a lot of concerns and exhaustion from producing my first drama with more than one season, I don't think it'll be easy to make a decision on whether we'll continue on with this story."

Initially, he revealed that as of the moment, there's no official or specific plan to release season 3 and even advised the actors that "they are not tied up for the next season" and could "freely" accept other projects. 

After airing the Hospital Playlist Season 2 finale, the cast members appeared in a special episode and the recently concluded variety show titled Three Meals a Day: Doctors, directed by Na Young Seok, who also had a cameo in season 2. 

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Three Meals a Day: Doctors
(Photo : tvN official Instagram)

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Hospital Playlist Season 2 Director Expressed Huge Gratitude to Fans

The tvN medical series managed to continue its reign as the top Thursday night Kdrama for its time slot.

Moreover, it also dominated the weekly rankings as the most buzzworthy drama for consecutive weeks till its finale. 

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Speaking of the finale, Hospital Playlist Season 2 episode 14 hit the season's highest viewership ratings after garnering an average nationwide rating of 14.1 percent. 

With this, PD Shin Won Ho thanked fans for their overwhelming support for the drama's second season. 

He believed that what made the drama special and entertaining for the viewers was the main characters' chemistry and the "warm stories" featured in the drama. 

Moreover, the filmmaker also noted that working alongside Jeon Mi Do, Jo Jung Suk, Yoo Yeon Seok, Jung Kyung Ho, Kim Dae Myung, and the rest of the cast and production team was an "interesting experience."

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