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(Photo : Netflix Korea)

Han So Hee proves her versatility as an actress in the Netflix series "My Name," alongside Ahn Bo Hyun and Park Hee Soon. 

From a young mistress, Seo Da Kyung in "The World of Married," to a senior art student Yoo Na Bi in "Nevertheless," whose relationship status is quite complicated, the 26-year-old beauty transforms into a badass protagonist named Yoon Ji Woo. 

The highly-anticipated action-packed series is helmed by none other than Kim Ji Min, who is the genius behind "The Liar and His Lover" and "Lawless Lawyer," together with screenwriter Kim Ba Da. 

In Han So Hee's new Kdrama, her character is associated with South Korea's biggest drug organization led by Choi Moo Jin, played by Park Hee Soon. 

Ji Woo decided to join the syndicate to find the culprit who killed his father, intending to avenge his brutal death. In hopes of obtaining her bittersweet revenge, she infiltrates the police under a new name while stunning the viewers with her impressive combat skills. 

With the intriguing storyline and Han So Hee diving into more challenging roles, here are the three key points to look forward to in the upcoming Netflix's "My Name."

Strong Female Lead

Han So Hee - My Name Still
(Photo : Netflix Korea Instagram)
Han So Hee My Name
Han So Hee - My Name Still
(Photo : Netflix Korea Instagram)
Han So Hee My Name

"My Name" mainly focuses on the revenge of the female protagonist after witnessing the devastating death of her loved one. 

The Netflix series boasts colorful and intense action, which is expected to be the core of the story.

Since this will be Han So Hee's first action Kdrama since her debut, without a doubt, she showed her metamorphosis and flexibility as an actress. 

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In the recently held press conference, the South Korean beauty revealed that she undergoes rigorous martial arts training and "invested a lot of time" to give justice to her character. 

Moreover, she admitted that she felt "pressured" to star in an action series. 

Nevertheless, it seems that she pulled off her role being an undercover agent based on the stills and teasers released by Netflix.

Jaw-Dropping Action Scenes 

My Name
(Photo : Netflix Korea Official Instagram)
Ahn Bo Hyun My Name
My Name
(Photo : Netflix Korea)
Park Hee Soon My Name

Apart from Han So Hee, male lead stars like Ahn Bo Hyun and Park Hee Soon say that the stunts were challenging. 

The "Yumi's Cells" actor shared that "each cast underwent intense combat training."

The same goes for the two-time Baeksang Arts winner who lauded that the production team and actors "doesn't rely much on ropes or computer graphics," he said, adding that the action scenes "present a real fight."

Compelling and Engaging Storyline

My Name
(Photo : Netflix Korea)
Han So Hee My Name

Apart from the actress' transformation and explosive stunts, "My Name" has a unique and intriguing plot, setting the viewers at the edge of their seats. 

The female protagonist had no other way to follow her father's path to find out the person behind his death. 

For the "Nevertheless" star, she mentioned that upon reading the script, she "could see the desperation" from Yoon Ji Woo's character. 

Ahn Bo Hyun also shared the same stance, suggesting that it's the genre that he has wanted to do. 

"I read the script and fell in love," he said, adding, "I wanted to one day do an action noir and I finally came to do one."

"My Name" release date is scheduled on October 15, exclusively on Netflix. 

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