Lee Young Ae Shows Perfect Synchronicity With Her Role in New Drama ‘Inspector Koo’

Inspector Koo
Lee Young Ae
Koo Kyung Yi
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Lee Young Ae is set to return to the small screen with a new role in JTBC hard-boiled comic chase "Inspector Koo." The actress will portray the role of a corruption inspector, further diversifying her roles in more than two decades of being in the industry.

Lee Young Ae Shows Perfect Synchronicity With Character as 'Inspector Koo'

Lee Young Ae's comedy action drama series "Inspector Koo" unveiled its main trailer, drawing attention for her shocking transformation as a corruption inspector.

On October 18, JTBC released the latest trailer for the upcoming Saturday and Sunday drama, which marks Lee Young Ae's comeback after four years of inactivity.

Lee Young Ae
(Photo : JTBC)
Lee Young Ae

The trailer begins with a new mysterious insurance case. In the drama, Lee Young Ae takes on the role of Koo Kyung Yi, an insurance investigator who can't stand the stagnant games and investigations.

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While looking at a pamphlet, Koo Kyung Yi wonders and raises curiosity, "Can I be dead alone? It was disguised as an accident but it's suspicious."

In the next scene, Koo Kyung Yi courageously rushes towards the unfolding incident where a suspicious person appears. The word "Who is the professional killer?" on the screen ignites curiosity as anticipation becomes amplified.

In addition to that, Kim Hye Jun and Kim Hae Sook, who became antiheroes in the upcoming work, radiate strong aura. Attention is focused on what kind of relationship these two have with Lee Young Ae.

On the other hand, the main trailer gives an exclusive glimpse of Lee Young Ae's synchronization with her character, fully immersed as an inspector. The actress not only attracts attention but also displays enthusiasm and passion for the work, raising expectations.

'Inspector Koo' Summary and Release Date

"Inspector Koo" is played by screenwriter Sung Cho Yi together with filmmaker Lee Jung Heum, and produced by Key East Productions and JTBC Studios for JTBC.

Apart from Lee Young Ae, seasoned actors Kwak Sun Young, Kim Hae Sook, Lee Hong Nae, Baek Sung Chul, Cho Hyun Chul, Park Ji Bin and Choi Young Jun will also participate in the new drama series.

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The Korean version of "Killing Eve" is slated to air on October 30 at 10:30 p.m. KST on JTBC.

JTBC Masterpieces to Decorate 2021

Dramas with exciting plot and unconventional scripts are set to decorate the latter part of 2021.

First, JTBC's melodrama "Lost" starring Ryu Jun Yeol and Jeon Do Yeon, which premiered on September 4, evokes emotions and sympathy to its viewers every Saturday and Sunday.

(Photo : JTBC)

"Lost" is now in its sixth week with only four remaining episodes. It is available for streaming on JTBC, Viu, and iQIYI.

Apart from "Inspector Koo" and "Lost," BLACKPINK Jisoo challenges herself as she ventures into acting and couples up with Jung Hae In for the forthcoming drama "Snowdrop."

(Photo : JTBC | My Daily Kr )

It depicts the enigmatic romantic story of two unlikely college students who fell deeply in love with each other.

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The drama is directed by the "SKY Castle" director Jo Hyuk Taek. It is scheduled to be released in the later part of the year, and is expected to decorate 2022 until March.

Watch Lee Young Ae transform into "Inspector Koo" here: 
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