Lee Young Ae Disguises Herself With Interesting Fashion in New ‘Inspector Goo’ Teaser Poster

Inspector Goo
Goo Kyung Yi
Lee Young Ae
Kim Hye Jin
Kwak Sun Young
Kim Hae Sook
Lee Hong Nae
Lee Young Ae (Photo : JTBC)

Broadcast giant JTBC's newest Saturday and Sunday drama "Inspector Goo" (also known as "Goo Kyung Yi") released its teaser poster on the first day of October.

The poster features Lee Young Ae, who takes the titular role as an inspector who investigates a murder case framed as an accident.

Alongside Lee Young Ae, Kim Hye Jin, Kwak Sun Young, Kim Hae Sook, and Lee Hong Nae will also be participating.

Lee Young Ae Disguises Herself With Interesting Fashion as 'Inspector Goo'

It is a work that raises expectations by foretelling the transformation of actress Lee Young-ae, who is the epitome of elegance.

"Lady Vengeance" actress Lee Young Ae returns to the small screen as an alcohol-induced inspector who investigates a murder case framed as an accident.

Lee Young Ae
(Photo : Lee Young Ae)

Lee Young Ae draws attention with her unique appearance in the "Inspector Goo" teaser poster, which is very much different with elegant and sophisticated personality.

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In the teaser poster, inspector Goo Kyung Yi wears a unique plastic scarf and a pair of green leather gloves, creating a cheaper-looking camouflage.

The eyes of the inspector are filled with intense doubt paired with a meaningful and knowing smile.

Lee Young Ae
(Photo : JTBC)
Lee Young Ae

The phrase "Why don't you pretend to know me?" in the teaser poster arouses curiosity. On the other hand, Lee Young Ae's aura raises suspicion.

In the drama, Goo Kyung Yi is an intelligent policewoman and investigator whose world is filled with alcohol and games who soon investigates a mysterious murder case that is completely framed as an accident.

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The comical and unique appearance of the actress in the poster hints that the process and the story of her character will never be ordinary. that the process will never be ordinary, intensifying expectations.

JTBC's 'Inspector Goo' Pre-Production and Further Details

JTBC action comedy series "Inspector Goo" is produced by KeyEast Entertainment, Group Eight, and JTBC Studios.

Lee Young Ae
(Photo : KissAsian)

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Apart from the main actors Lee Young Ae, Kim Hye Jun, Kwak Sun Young, Kim Sae Hook, and Lee Hong Nae, actors Baek Sung Cheol and Cho Hyun Chul will also make their appearances.

The Asian version of the British spy thriller television series "Killing Eve" is written by scriptwriter Seong Choi and directed by Lee Jung Heum, who established his name after his immersive directing abilities in "Manipulation" and "Nobody Knows".

"Inspector Goo" is slated to air in October 2021 on JTBC.

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