Lee Sun Bin Net Worth 2021: This is How Much 'Missing 9' Actress Earned This Year

Lee Sun Bin
Lee Sun Bin Net Worth 2021
Lee Sun Bin Net Worth
Net Worth
Missing 9
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(Photo : Lee Sun Bin Instagram)

The 28-year-old singer, model, and actress proved herself as one of the most talented actresses in the industry after she diversified her acting roles by appearing in many dramas and films.

After a decade of pursuing an acting career, how much does the "Missing 9" actress really earn?

Lee Sun Bin's Humble Beginnings and Journey to Stardom

The "Missing 9" actress started her career as a singer and dancer in the GP Entertainment's girl group JQT. However, the group soon disbanded after a year since debut.

Lee Sun Bin
(Photo : Lee Sun Bin's Instagram)

Lee Sun Bin decided to pursue her modeling career. She did a lot of commercials and music video appearances before venturing into the acting scene.

In 2014, Lee Sun Bin received her first acting role in the Chinese historical drama "Saint Wang Xizhi," which kick-started her career.

She made her South Korean television debut in 2016 with a supporting role in the JTBC drama "Madame Antoine: The Love Therapist," several cameo appearances in dramas and films such as "Entertainer," "Another Miss Oh" and "Entourage" followed through.

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The actress received her breakthrough role in 2016, where she portrayed the gold digger, Jo Mi Joo, in the OCN drama "Squad 38" with Seo In Guk and Ma Dong Seok.

Lee Sun Bin received acting offers, to which she politely said yes. She starred in dramas "Missing 9," "Criminal Minds," "Rampant," "The Great Show," and "Team Bulldog: Off-Duty Investigation."

In the year 2018, she received her first major role in JTBC's action-romance drama "Sketch" with Rain, Lee Dong Gun, and B1A4 Jinyoung.

In the same year, it was reported that she had been dating actor and comedian Lee Kwang Soo.

Lee Sun Bin's Net Worth in 2021

The year 2021 was very prosperous for the South Korean actress. She became the the ambassador for Gyeonggi World Ceramic Biennale and led the action comedy film "Mission: Possible" with Kim Young Kwang.

Lee Sun Bin
(Photo : Lee Sun Bin's Instagram)

Because of this, her net worth significantly increased, even doubled. In 2020, the "Sketch" actress' estimated net worth was $80,000.

Lee Sun Bin's net worth increased a lot. Her estimated net worth for 2021 is $100,000. It is expected to increase even more as the actress is set to return to the small and big screens this year.

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Actress Lee Sun Bin teams up with seasoned actors Han Sun Hwa, Apink Eunji, and Choi Siwon in the upcoming TVING workplace romance comedy-drama "Work Later, Drink Now" that is slated to air on October 22.

She is also currently in the middle of filming her forthcoming movie "Bacteria," which is scheduled to premiere in the early part of 2022.

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