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Han So Hee
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Reflection of You
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Work Later Drink Now
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Can't choose what to watch next? We've got you covered! The third week of October is jam-packed with the hottest stars' new dramas, available in a wide array of genres.

Here's the rundown of the most anticipated dramas from Han So Hee, Ahn Bo Hyun, Lee Sun Bin, Apink Eunji and more that you all shouldn't miss!

'Reflection of You'

My Name
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Han So Hee / Netflx My Name

Netflix and JTBC's "Reflection of You" marks seasoned actors Go Hyun Jung, Shin Hyun Bin and Kim Jae Young's first drama together. It is also the first of the fall drama lineup of JTBC Dramas on Netflix.

It follows the story of a famous painter and essayist who, despite her success, amazing family and fulfilling job, still feels inadequate. Hee Joo (Go Hyun Jung) feels she spends her time and life meaninglessly until she meets Hae Won (Shin Hyun Bin), a woman who lives her life to the fullest in spite of her tragic past.

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"Reflection of You" is inspiringly eye-opening, and everyone who feels lacking would most love this drama. Not to mention, it is a collaboration of Go Hyun Jung, Shin Hyun Bin and Kim Jae Young's outstanding skills as actors.

The melodrama is now in its second week, and its third episode is slated to air on Wednesday, October 20 at 10:30 p.m KST on JTBC and Netflix.

'My Name'

'Reflection of You''
(Photo : JTBC)
Shin Hyun Bin

Han So Hee and Ahn Bo Hyun return to the small screen with the spine-chilling, revenge-seeking drama "My Name".

Han So Hee and Ahn Bo Hyun both generated a lot of buzz with their previous works "Nevertheless" and "Itaewon Class".

'Reflection of You''
(Photo : JTBC)
Go Hyun Jung

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Their new action crime thriller drama "My Name" follows the story of a revenge-driven woman Yoon Ji Woo (Han So Hee) who infiltrates the police force as Oh Hye Jin as an undercover agent while seeking revenge for her father's murder.

The drama recently premiered on October 15, and it is available for worldwide streaming on Netflix.

'Work Later, Drink Now'

'Work Later, Drink Now'
(Photo : TVING)
Work Later Drink Now

Fun, chill, resonating and quirky. Lee Sun Bin, Han Sun Hwa, Apink Eunji and Super Junior Siwon's "Work Later, Drink Now" is a feel-good drama that will surely make everyone's nights better.

It depicts the stories of three career-women whose philosophy in life is to end the day with cold beer and alcohol.

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The web novel-based drama is expected to give healing and comfort to its potential viewers and relieve their stress.

"Work Later, Drink Now" is slated to air for the first time on October 22 on TVING.

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