Han So Hee Revelation: Actress Had No Idea About Her Love Scene in ‘My Name’ Until the First Filming Day

My Name
Han So Hee
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Han So Hee Love Scene

"My Name" star Han So Hee shares her thoughts on her intense and steamy love scene with co-star Ahn Bo Hyun in the drama.

She also revealed that she had no idea about it, not until the drama's very first filming day.

Han So Hee Reveals She Had No Idea About Her Love Scene With Ahn Bo Hyun

"Netflix" star and model Han So Hee returns to the small screen with a new different role from her latest drama, "Nevertheless".

My Name
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Han So Hee My Name

In the new Netflix series, Han So Hee stars as Yoon Ji Woo, a revenge-seeking woman who infiltrates the police force to avenge her dead father.

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Among the tension, anger and fights, Han So Hee wows the fans and loyal viewers with her intense love scene in the drama with her co-star Ahn Bo Hyun, who plays the role of Jeon Pil Do.

Although there were many fans who were shocked, some of them also cheered on the two hot stars.

My Name
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Han So Hee My Name

However, in a recent sitdown interview with the "My Name" star, she revealed that she had no idea that there was a love scene in the drama.

"I was unaware of the love scene in the drama," she continues, "I did wonder whether it would be okay or not, because personally, it would be something that got out of the way of Yoon Ji Woo's goals."

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"I understood the scene as Yoon Ji Woo's only moment where she felt human, and felt certain things like a human. Because of that experience, it made her feel alive."

Han So Hee - My Name Still
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My Name Han So Hee

The intense love-making scene of the two actors generated a lot of buzz and has been the talk of the town in every social networking platform.

'My Name' Star Han So Hee Shares Her Honest Thoughts on Ahn Bo Hyun and Their Love Scene

The actress and model shares her honest thoughts on her love-making scene with Ahn Bo Hyun in the Netflix series "My Name."

Though she had doubts at first, it took a lot of understanding and synchronicity with her character to fully immerse in the scene.

Han So Hee - My Name Still
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Han So Hee My Name

Han So Hee says, "The scene was tough to film, but what I reap is so memorable. Whenever people say, "That doesn't look like Han So Hee," it makes me happy with the positive words."

"You're an actor who can do this kind of thing" was, according to the actress, one of her favorite things she received recently.

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She also bared her soul and said, "When I started living as Yoon Ji Woo, I knew that I had to give my everything and try my best to be able to give life to my character."

My Name
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Han So Hee My Name

On the other hand, Netflix drama "My Name" also stars Park Hee Soon, Kim Sang Ho and Lee Hak Joo.

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