‘The Red Sleeve Cuff’ Episode 3 Spoiler + Toon Studio Unveils First OST Ahead of Release

The Red Sleeve Cuff
The Red Sleeve Cuff Episode 3 Spoiler
The Red Sleeve Cuff Episode 3
Toon Studio
The Red Sleeve Cuff OST
Lee Junho
Lee Se Young
Lee Se Young and Lee Junho

Due to the overwhelming support for Lee Junho and Lee Se Young's new Kdrama "The Red Sleeve Cuff," Toon Studio made an advance release of the drama's first OST music video, sung by MAMAMOO's Wheein.

Meanwhile, MBC unveiled new stills for "The Red Sleeve Cuff" episode 3.

First 'The Red Sleeve Cuff' OST Music Video Released

Before MBC's "The Red Sleeve Cuff" premiered, it was sold to more than 20 countries, including the U.S., Japan, and Europe, due to the increasing demand of Korean content worldwide.

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Toon Studio Unveils First OST Ahead of Scheduled Release
(Photo : MBC Official Instagram)
The Red Sleeve Cuff still

The concept and the stellar cast are two of the major key points why the drama became popular during its pilot week.

Apart from the drama, viewers also anticipate the release of the MBC drama's official soundtrack.

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Toon Studio, the company in charge of producing "The Red Sleeve Cuff" OSTs, surprised fans and viewers after releasing the first music video titled "Hope and Hope," performed by MAMAMOO's Wheein last November 17.

The video was already uploaded on Toon Studio's official YouTube channel. The song perfectly envelopes Yi San (Lee Junho) and Sung Deok Im's (Lee Se Young) chemistry.

Originally, the video was to be released on November 19. But Toon Studio published it two days ahead of the scheduled date. It is to thank the domestic and international fans for watching the first two episodes of the series.

'The Red Sleeve Cuff' Episode 3 Spoiler: Lee Junho Asks for Lee Se Young's Help

In "The Red Sleeve Cuff" episode 2, viewers were entertained by the quarrelling moments of Crown Prince Yi San and Court Lady Sung Deok Im. Though they didn't have a good impression of each other, the two will collaborate to save the people in the palace.

The Red Sleeve Cuff Episode 3
(Photo : MBC Official Instagram)
The Red Sleeve Cuff still

MBC dropped new stills presenting the danger that will occur due to the lost tiger. Yi San will exhibit his archery skills in front of his people to prevent the wild animal from attacking them. He asks Sung Deok Im to use her talent in story-telling to calm the ladies inside the palace while the guards are in hunt of the dangerous opponent.

Will the two succeed on their first mission together?

The Red Sleeve Cuff Episode 3
(Photo : MBC Official Instagram)
Lee Se Young in The Red Sleeve Cuff

Catch "The Red Sleeve Cuff episode 3 and 4 on November 19 and 20 on MBC and Viki at 10 p.m (KST).

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