Canadian YouTuber Greg Doucette Removes All His Videos of Kim Jong Kook Following the ‘Running Man’ Star’s Plan to Take Legal Action

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Fitness professional Greg Doucette has taken down all the videos pertaining to Kim Jong Kook following the "Running Man" star's recent statement. 

To recall, the Canadian YouTuber raised suspicions that the beloved actor-host is probably using hormone replacement therapy, also known as the HRT, to amp up his muscular physique. 

Greg Doucette Takes Down Videos Criticizing Kim Jong Kook

Greg Doucette
(Photo : Greg Doucette Official Instagram)

The topic was discussed in his channel titled "Kim Jung Kook || Natty or Not," where he claimed that it is impossible for the 45-year-old to naturally build that kind of physique. 

To support his suspicion, the renowned bodybuilder posted a side-by-side photo of Kim Jong Kook's body through the years, dated 1996, 2001 and 2016, pointing out how his body drastically changed. 

Kim Jong Kook
(Photo : Kim Jong Kook Official Instagram)
 Kim Jong Kook
(Photo : Kim Jong Kook Official Instagram)

He also posted a 15-minute video titled "It Would Seem I Pissed Off Korea || Kim Jong Kook Fake Natty?" reacting to the clap back of fans who are furious about his comments towards the award-winning celebrity. 

The said videos were removed on Greg Doucette's YouTube channel, including his clip criticizing South Korean boxer Hwang Chul Soon. 

Kim Jong Kook Sent Final Warning to Malicious Commenters 

Ahead of the Canadian fitness coach's move to take down his videos of the 45-year-old celebrity, the "I Can See Your Voice" host released another statement addressing the ongoing controversy. 

Over Kim Jong Kook's YouTube channel, he revealed that he will take legal action against anyone who is spreading malicious and false accusations towards him. 

Moreover, the singer-host hinted that he would not be quiet and brush things off this time. 

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"But this crossed the line and it's gone way out of hand for me to just sit back and watch. So by using a medium that a lot of people watch, I want to inform my viewers of the penalties for those who create false rumors and post hate comments," he said, together with attorney Park Min Cheol, from Kim & Jang law firm.

To recall, the "Seri Money Club" host previously denied the allegations that he is using steroids or HRT to boost his physique and says that he is willing to take tests to prove that he is all-natural. 

"If it's necessary, I'm planning to undergo all of the tests that exist in the world. I finished one today," he said. 

Following this, "Don't Need to Return my Love" crooner posted another statement on his YouTube community saying that he "will be taking 391 doping tests" that will analyze "every single illegal drug updated until the most recent one."

In addition, he explained that although it will take a lot of time and effort on his part, he is prepared to do this to prove that he is "not using any hormones, furthermore, any drugs."

Fans Blasted Canadian YouTuber Greg Doucette

Amid the Kim Jong Kook steroids issue, fans stood by the "Running Man" star to express their support. 

They lauded him for standing up for himself and letting the people know the truth behind the scathing accusations. 

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Written by Geca Wills

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