CIX Jinyoung and Shin So Hyun’s Worlds Become Smaller in New Drama ‘User Not Found’ Trailer

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Broadcast media WHYNOT's "User Not Found" unveiled its main trailer featuring rising stars CIX Jinyoung, Shin So Hyun and Han Ye Ji.

In the drama, CIX Jinyoung, Shin So Hyun and Han Ye Ji play youths who are hiding behind a picture-perfect facade while struggling on their own.

CIX Jinyoung and Shin So Hyun Cross Paths in New Drama 'User Not Found'

WHYNOT's forthcoming coming-of-age mystery drama "User Not Found" follows the story of two female transfer students sharing the same name who create a pact to secretly swap identities in order to start anew in their new school.

The drama stars Shin So Hyun as Yoo Min Jae, a young student who becomes unexpectedly popular for her beauty and brain when she transfers to Woo Jung High School. Because of their mutual characteristics, she is often seen with Shin Yi Joon, played by CIX Jinyoung, the popular student in school.

'Account Deleted, User Not Found'
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When a new student of the same name transfers to the school, Yoo Min Jae realizes that the other students mistook her for the other girl, played by Han Ye Ji.

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Because of curiosity and fright, she asks Shin Yi Joon, "Have you ever been scared that you just want to vanish from the world without any trace?"

'Account Deleted, User Not Found'
(Photo : KOK TV)

To her surprise, Shin Yi Joon replies, "Yes. I didn't do anything. I just continued living."

After this conversation, Yoo Min Jae and Shin Yi Joon grew closer, even discovering new things about one another.

'Account Deleted, User Not Found'
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On the other hand, the rumors about Yoo Min Jae continued. Han Ji Wan, played by Jung Hyun Ji, comments maliciously, saying that she has a lot of unknown secrets because she deleted her social media posts in spite of having tons of followers.

However, the other Yoo Min Jae gets frustrated, saying she doesn't even want to become popular.

Curiosity is heightened as the teaser ends with the popular Yoo Min Jae, enjoying her solitude and sweet moments with her friends before they turn their backs on her.

She is awoken, staringly begrudgingly at her Woo Jung High School uniform with her firm decision in her mind to disappear from the world.

'User Not Found' Release Date and Where to Watch

The upcoming teen drama "User Not Found" consists of 10 episodes which will air every Friday and Saturday.

'Account Deleted, User Not Found'
(Photo : KOK TV)

It is a WHYNOT Media original series, produced by WHYNOT media and KOK TV. Apart from the thre stars, fellow rising actors Ahn Se Min, Han Ji Wan and Lee Seung Gyu will also participate in the drama.

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"User Not Found" is slated to air for the first time on Friday, December 3 on KOK TV.

The drama will also be available for worldwide streaming on legal online platform Viki.

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