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Kdrama Fans Cast Their Votes And So Far "The Heirs" Leads

BY Joan MacDonald | Dec 10, 2013 10:18 AM EST


The contest is on and, not surprisingly, as of this morning, the frontrunner in this year's best drama category is the star-studded hit "The Heirs."

So far, "The Heirs" is in first place with a whopping 55.4 percent of the votes. The drama, which stars Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye and Kim Woo Bin has a lot of very enthusiastic fans. With this week's episodes being the final installments of the series, the excitement is at a peak. Will "The Heirs" win? It looks likely unless fans of other series make a serious effort.

In second place is "The Master's Sun," the Hong Sisters horror romcom, starring So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin. It's a comic masterpiece that also has lots of fans but so far only has 8.02 percent of the vote.

In third place is the fantasy courtroom drama "I Hear Your Voice," which stars Lee Jong Suk, Lee Bo Young and Yoon sang Hyun. The drama is a close competitor for "The Master's Sun" with 7.66 percent of the votes.

The top actors category follows the top drama category closely. Not surprisingly Lee Min Ho earned 54.6 percent of the votes for his portrayal as the unhappy chaebol Kim Tan. Breakout star Kim Woo Bin came in second. Kim Woo Bin plays Choi Young Do, Kim Tan's former friend and sometime enemy. He achieved second place with 12.7 percent of the votes. So Ji Sub came in third forhis comic portrayal of the mall heir who falls for a woman who can see ghosts. So Ji Sub got 6.75 percent of the votes.

The votes for best actress were less predictable. Park Shin Hye is in first place with 42.33 percent of the vote for her portrayal of Cha Eun Sang the poor girl who wins the hearts of Kim Tan and Choi Do Young in "The Heirs." That was to be expected. But the runners-up were surprising. Moon Geun Young achieved second place with 25.5 percent of the vote. She appeared in two dramas this year, as a social-climbing fashionista in "Cheomdamdung Alice" and as Korea's first female potter in "Goddess of Fire: Jeonji." While she was good in both, the second and most recent drama was a ratings flop.

The popular actress Yoon Eun Hye came in third with 9.89 percent of the vote. She also appeared in two dramas this year, the second of which had poor ratings. She was a designer with a tragic past in "Missing You" and a broadcaster visited by her future self in "Future's Choice."

Do you agree with these votes? There's plenty of time to cast your vote and you can vote more than once. Here's the link: 

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