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"The Heirs" Gets Even Bigger Margin In Our Poll

BY Joan MacDonald | Dec 12, 2013 11:27 AM EST


Not much has changed in our poll results since yesterday except that "The Heirs" has a bigger margin of the votes.

As of this morning, "The Heirs," starring Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye and Kim Woo Bin, earned 56.85 percent of the votes. There was no doubt that "The Heirs" was one of the year's most popular dramas even before the voting began in our poll. With its star-studded cast and Cinderella story, the drama has a very enthusiastic following.

 "Queen of Ambition" remains in second place on our poll with 9.38 percent of the vote, a slight bump up from yesterday. The story of a woman who comes from a poor background and is driven to become the land's First Lady beat out such strong contenders as "I Hear Your Voice" and "The Master's Sun."

The Master's Sun" did achieve third place with 8.07 percent of the vote, followed by "I Hear Your Voice" at 4.9 percent.

Still in the top spot for best actor is "The Heirs" heartthrob star Lee Min Ho. He earned 59.58 percent of the vote, which does seem to indicate that he will be this year's fan favorite. Still in second place is his co-star Kim Woo Bin, with 11.92 percent of the vote. So Ji Sub, star of "The Master's Sun,' remained in third place with 7.6 percent of the vote. Also near the top of the list were Lee Jong Suk for "I Hear Your Voice," Park Yoochun for "Missing You" and Jo In Sung for "That Winter The Wind Blows."

In the best actress category, Park Shin Hye held first place with 47.82 percent of the vote. She appeared in two dramas this year, playing the object of Lee Min Ho's affections in "The Heirs" and a reclusive writer courted by Yoon Si Yoon in "Flower Boys Next Door."

Moon Geun Young held second place with 22.76 percent of the vote. She also appeared in two dramas: "Cheomdamdung Alice" and "Goddess of Fire: Jeonji." Yoon Eun Hye earned 9.11 percent of the vote for her work in "Missing You" and "Future's Choice." Following close behind were Suzy for "Gu Family Book" and Lee Bo Young for her role in "I Hear Your Voice."

Are you pleased with the way our poll results are shaping up? If not, keep voting. If you are, you should keep voting too. The poll runs through Dec. 21.

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