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Counting The Poll Votes: “The Heirs” Holds First Place

BY Joan MacDonald | Dec 13, 2013 03:02 PM EST


There's little more than a week left to go on our kdramastars poll and so far the results have been consistent. But who knows how the result will change during the weekend when people have more time to vote.

The top dramas have stayed in the same place, as have the top actors and actresses, although a few more people seem to agree with the popular choices.

For example, as of yesterday morning "The Heirs" had 56.85 percent of the vote and today it's up to 57.49. The series, which finished its run this week, has had one of the most dedicated fan bases so far this year.

The melodrama "Queen of Ambition" remains in second place with no negligible change in ratings, while the third place horror romcom "The Master's Sun also had no significant chance in rating. Lower down in the charts, "Flower Boys Next Door" seems to be moving up the charts with a 3.18 percent rating, no right behind "I Hear Your Voice" with 4.55 percent.

Lee Min Ho, the star of "The Heirs," remains the most popular actor with pretty much the same score. Kim Woo Bin remains in second place with roughly the same score, which is impressive as his is a second lead role and he's beating out many established leading men. So Ji Sub holds down third place for his role as the Kingdom Mall owner in "The Master's Sun."

Lee Jong Suk, Park Yoochun and Jo In Sung are the runners-up.

Park Shin Hye secured her hold on first place by rising a percentage pint to 48.76. She appeared in two dramas this year, as Cha Eun Sung in "The Heirs" and as Go Dok Mi, the lonely girl in "Flower Boys Next Door."

Moon Geun Young held second place with the same percentage of the vote. She also appeared in two dramas, playing a social climber in "Cheomdamdung Alice" and a Joseon-era potter in "Goddess of Fire: Jeonji." Yoon Eun Hye held third place with roughly the same percentage of the votes for her work in "Missing You" and "Future's Choice." Following close behind were Suzy with 5.33 percent for "Gu Family Book" and Lee Bo Young with 3.99 percent for her role in "I Hear Your Voice."

The poll runs through Dec. 21. Now that "The Heirs" is over, do fans still feel it should win? Wait and see. And vote. You can vote here:

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