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Empress Ki" Yoon Ah Jung Marks Evil Role

BY Staff Reporter | Jan 30, 2014 10:33 PM EST


Actress Yoon Ah Jung acted In her evil role in "Empress Ki" showing her presence.

On the MBC Monday/Tuesday drama "Empress Ki" Yoon Ah Jung played the role of Yeon Wha who was tormenting Ki Seung Nyang (played by Ha Ji Won) showing the true sides of an evil role.

On the episode aired on January 28th, there was a scene where her evil sides were shown, as she started to mock Seung Nyang who had returned to the palace for the concubine competition and had slapped her.

Yeon Wha smiled complacently as Tanasili (played by Baek Jin Hee) started to curse Seung Nyang as she wouldn't stop with evil acts.  However, afterwards, she was tormenting Seung Nyang whichh ended up in 20 hits as punishment.

Yoon Ah Jung has played the role of evil women in tvN "Yellow Pheasant's Eye" and MBC "Hundred Year Inheritance".  With just two pieces, she has the title of the expert at evil roles and she is challenging herself in her first period piece, "Empress Ki."  She showed evil in her lines, eyes, and gesture.

Yoon Ah Jung's evil acting is adding tension into the conflict between Ki Seung Nyang and Tanasili.

"Empress Ki" is broadcast at 9:55PM every Monday and Tuesday.

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