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'Generation of Youth' Jun Ji Hyun Reunites WIth Um Hyo Sup

BY Staff Reporter | Feb 07, 2014 03:35 AM EST


On the 15th episode of "You Who Came from the Stars" Jun Ji Hyun and Lim Hyo Sup reunited.

On the episode of SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama "You Who Came from the Stars" broadcast on February 6th, Chun Song Yi (played by Jun Ji Hyun)'s father Chun Min Gu (played by Um Hyo Sup)'s father was nursing Chun Song Yi.

On this day, Chun Min Gu went to Chun Song Yi's hospital room and was taking care of her and Chun Song Yi finds Chun Min Gu who is holding his hand.

Chun Song Yi said to Chun Min Gu, "What were you were doing until now?  Why did you come now. It's been 12 years... You did something alone..." and Chun Min Gu was apologizing yet was tough on him and cried saying, "Why did you come now?"

Chun Min Gu was not able to hide the fact that he was sorry and said to Chun Song Yi, "I'm sorry.  I'm sorry my daughter" and hugged her.  Chun Song Yi said, "What is this?  How do you do this? Why is my dad's face so old" and cried hugging him.

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