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Actress Han Hyo Joo Is Rarely Recognized

BY Joan MacDonald | Feb 13, 2014 11:13 AM EST


Han Hyo Joo has worked with some impressive co-stars.

She starred with Lee Jun Ki in the drama "Iljimae," acted with Lee Seung Gi in "Brilliant Legacy" and Ji Jin Hee in the historical drama "Dong Yi." The roster of her film leading men is also noteworthy. She played a rookie detective to Jung Woo Sung's criminal mastermind in "Cold Eyes" and queen consort to Lee Byung Hun's king in "Masquerade."

Yet the actress confesses that despite her leading men and the leading roles she snagged in dramas and films, she is rarely recognized when she goes out in public.

When she recently appeared on the SBS program "One Night of TV Entertainment," the interviewer asked if things had changed. Did people now know her when she was out in public?

"People don't recognize me easily," she said.

She still could not figure out why.

"I don't even wear a hat," she said. "I guess there is something different about my image."

The actress swears that she does not look that different without her makeup so it could not just be that. Then she related a story about a time that she was not recognized.

"After I finished filming 'Dong Yi," a woman working at a restaurant did not recognize me. I could not believe it and said to her, 'you really can't tell who I am? I'm Dong Yi.' Then the woman recognized me and gave me free service and was really nice to me."

Last year she was approached by a man on the subway in Japan and thought that he recognized her because of her appearances in films and dramas. But he was only trying to get her phone number so he could ask her out on a date. He just thought she was beautiful.

Han Hyo Joo is beautiful but she must not look like a movie star when she is not in front of a camera.

Of all the stars she has worked with, she said that Jung Woo Sung looked the most like a star.

"When I saw him in person, I thought, he is a total movie star."

This year Han Hyo Joo can be seen in the Japanese film "Miracle Debikuro's Love and Magic" and the short film "Myohyangsangwan."

 During the interview the 26-year-old actress also said that she wants to get married when she is around 33 or 34. And she wants to live an ordinary life. Not looking like a movie star when the cameras are not rolling should come in handy.

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