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HTC One Max vs. Samsung Note 3; HTC Mimics Table While Note 3 Is More Like A Phone; 5.9” vs. 5.7”, Aluminum vs. Platic, Figerprint Scanner Gives Note 3 An Edge

BY jakewriter | Feb 17, 2014 05:30 AM EST

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HTC One Max vs. Samsung Note 3 is a comparison of the biggest phones in the industry - sometimes known as phablets. This category of phones did not exist a few years ago.

Perhaps, the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note brought on the concept of bigger devices being better. Screens keep getting bigger. The HTC One max is on sale now and it has an appearance of something larger than a phone, but it is one. The Samsung Note is a large sized phone, but the One max just eclipses Samsung's premier product. However, that's not all that is different between the two.

 The HTC One Max is a 5.9-inch screen phone while the Samsung Note 3 is a 5.7" phone. Another comparison differentiates aluminum versus plastic, and "ultrapixels" vs13-megapixel camera. Now, it's time to compare the two phones.

Starting with the design and the basics, the HTC One Max is a bit oversized to be used comfortably. Most people would describe One max as a small tablet, which has its advantages: great for media consumption but not comfortable to carry in your pocket or pick up to answer a phone call.

Despite the Galaxy Note 3's 'largeness', it looks like it fits in nicely to the category of a phone.

Weighing a half pound, the HTC One max is comprised of aluminum. It is built to be solid and sturdy - nothing flimsy about it.

HTC One Max vs. Samsung Note 3 comparison clearly shows that HTC has decided to go with its previous One designs with two front speakers.

Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is no different from its predecessors - plastic, but looks a little nicer with textured faux-leather back that feels great to the touch and sophisticated.

What's New About the One Max?

So, is there anything new about the One Max?

Yes!. It has a fingerprint scanner, which was exclusively on the iPhone 5S released late last year as a touted feature Apple. Currently, Samsung's new Galaxy S5 and Sony among others are expected to release the fingerprint scanner with their flagship products this year.

One of the most useful features of the The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the S Pen, which functions as a stylus with a sensor to provide speed to your phone.

The microSD and microSIM card slots on both phones are easily accessible. Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 comes with a replaceable battery, while the One max does not allow such functions.

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