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"One Warm Word" Ends On An Optimistic Note

BY Joan MacDonald | Feb 25, 2014 11:33 AM EST


"One Warm Word," a drama about the pain caused by an affair, ended on an optimistic note this week.

Han Hye Jin's character summed up the message of the show when in the last few minutes she repeated some words of wisdom that she learned from her family.

The most miserable person in the world is the person who does not have someone to pick him up when he falls down, he said in the finale's voiceover.

By the drama's end every character had come to realize that relationships were the secret to happiness, whether the person picking you up came from the family you were born into or the family you made.

Spoiler alert: And although the stories of the three couples ended hopefully, every plotline was not wrapped up so neatly that it seemed unreasonable. Four relationships were affected by the affair between two people and among the eight people involved, none became enemies.

The marriage of Han Hye Jin and Lee Sang Woo became stronger because both were willing to forgive and accept past indiscretions. His acceptance of her indiscretion healed the rift caused between them by his indiscretion.

The marriage of Ji Jin Hee and Kim Ji Soo ended on a vague note that suggested the couple was still working things out and for them that was a good thing. It hinted that they were living together but maybe they were still dating.

The relationship between Han Groo and Yoon Jong Hwa was also uncertain. Did they revive their relationship or would they put it behind them to become good friends.

A year had past and time supplied the distance to think objectively.

And lastly, the relationship between the parents, played by Yoon Joo Sang and Go Doo Shim, was as strong as ever despite the problems they had to endure on behalf of their children.

In retrospect, it's easy to see why Han Hye Jin was eager to play this role. She left her new husband in England to return to Korea for it.

"I acted out countless emotions, including guilt, regret, anxiety, pain and sorrow through this drama," said Han Hye Jin. "I learned that one kind word can really help people love and understand each other more. Like the drama's titles, I hope this inspires people to share their love and warmth with those around them."

Han Hye Jin created a very believable character torn by her feelings.

And on another note, Park Sung Joo, playing Ji Jin Hee's mom started out as a completely unsympathetic character, a k-drama mom straight out of a melodrama but her performance subtly morphed into something comic and very enjoyable.

The drama's final episode earned 8.7 percent in the ratings.

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