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Kim C, Woo Hee Jin, Showing A Forties Love

BY Staff Reporter | Feb 25, 2014 09:58 PM EST


Kim C lifts Woo Hee Jin and puts her down.

Singer Kim C and actress Woo Hee Jin in the KBS2 drama special short drama "Up and Down is an issue of interest.

The short drama "Up and Down" is about a unmarried man in his 40s Nam Goong Sang (played by Kim C) and an older unmarried woman Lee Eun Hong (played by Woo Hee Jin) in a romance and showed the realistic romance of people in the 40s.

Especially as this is the first piece of kIm C, "Up and Down" shows the life and mentality of single people in their forties through Nam Goong Sang and Lee Eun Hong as it shows a way of life.

Netizens who saw Kim C and Woo Hee Jin in "Up and Down" said, "Kim C Woo Hee Jin, Up and Down, quite good acting".  "Kim C Woo Hee Jin, Up and Down, Kim C's acting challenge?" "Kim C Woo Hee Jin, Up and Down, thinking what my 40s love is" "Kim C Woo Hee Jin, Up and Down, drawing out the love of the 40s" and showed reactions.

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