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Lee Da Hee In A Love Triangle With Kang Ji Hwan And Daniel Choi?

BY Joan MacDonald | Feb 26, 2014 11:48 AM EST


Last year Lee Da Hee had a breakout year due to her performances as a well-off prosecutor in the paranormal courtroom drama "I Hear Your Voice" and as a scorned heiress in the melodrama "Secrets."

This year she is considering a new drama in which she would play a woman with considerably less money, a chauffer's daughter, in the upcoming drama "Big Man." It was originally rumored that the role was going to Jung Ryeo Won, who was last seen in the medical drama "Medical Top Team." But now Lee Da Hee's agency says she is reviewing the script.

According to her agency, FNC Entertainment, the actress is seriously considering the offer.

If she does accept the drama role, she will play So Mi Ra, a poor woman who is loved by two brothers. One is the charming but ruthless heir of a conglomerate and the other is his enemy half brother. Not only do the circumstances of their birth make the half brothers enemies but they will also fall in love with the same woman.

Kang Ji Hwan plays Kim Ji Hyeok in "Big Man." After enduring a tough childhood, he discovers that he is really the secret son of the man who runs one of Korea's top companies. Unhappy with the way he was discarded, he decides to take revenge against the company and the family that threw him away. That means he must take on his brother, the heir to his father's company.

Daniel Choi will play Kang Dong Suk, the two-faced heir to the Hyunsung conglomerate. In his efforts to take revenge, Kim Ji Hyeok will search for evidence of corruption with which to take down the company. Kang Dong Suk's efforts to protect his company will only heighten the dramatic battle between the brothers. Not only will So Mi Ra be the woman in the middle of their love triangle but she will also play a part in their plots against each other.

It sounds like a tasty role for an actress that more than proved her acting abilities last year.

Jung So Min will play Kang Jin Ah, Daniel Choi's younger sister and Kang Ji Hwan's half sister.

Choi Jin-won is the writer behind this drama and Ji Young-soo, who directed "My Fair Lady," will direct. The drama begins after "Full Sun" on April 14.

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