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“You Who Came From The Stars” Ends On A High Note

BY Joan MacDonald | Feb 28, 2014 09:54 AM EST


It was a satisfying night for all three of the Wednesday-Thursday dramas. "You Who Came For The Stars" set a ratings record and ended on a happy if somewhat puzzling note. "Inspiring Generation" held second place in the ratings. And "Cunning Single Lady" replaced the happily resolved "Miss Korea."

"You Who Came From The Stars" ended on a high note with 28.1 percent of the Nielsen ratings, a 2.1 percent bump up from its previous record of 26 percent. The show's final episode showed the characters together three years into the future, although it left some unresolved questions about how their intergalactic relationship might work out in practical terms.

"Miss Korea" ended happily on Wednesday night with 6.2 percent of the ratings. The drama was all about the relationship between Oh Ji Hyun, an elevator girl turned beauty pageant contestant, and Kim Hyung Jun, the owner of a failing beauty products company. His longstanding crush on her is one of the reasons he wants to help make her a star.

It settled into third place. Lee Yeon Hee played the beauty pageant contestant.  Lee Sun Kyun played her sponsor and the man who had long been in love with her. At the drama's end, both characters were successful and in love.

"Miss Korea" had its comic moments and some chemistry between its lead characters but it never really had a chance against the ratings hit "You Who Came From The Stars."

"Miss Korea" was replaced by the drama "Cunning Single Lady." It's the story of a divorcee who wants to win back her suddenly successful ex-husband. Only he is not so willing. "Cunning Single Lady" stars Lee Min Jung and Joo Sang Wook as the dueling ex-spouses. That drama debuted with 5.4 percent of the ratings.

As the plot develops in "Inspiring Generation," the drama has seen a steady rise in its ratings. It held second place this week, earning 9.3 and 9.7 percent of the ratings. The drama is about Korean independence fighters in 1930s Shanghai. Kim Hyun Joong plays the tough street fighter Shin Jung Tae.  Im Soo Hyang plays Gaya, and Jin Se Yeon plays Kim Ok Ryun.

Next week, the action thriller "Three Days" starring Park Yoochun, Park Ha Sun and So E Hyun, will replace "You Who Came From The Stars."

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