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K-Drama Writers That Are Proven Hit Makers

BY Joan MacDonald | Feb 28, 2014 03:43 PM EST


When Gu Hye Sun recently signed on to star in the upcoming drama "Angel Eyes," she made her decision based on the writer.

She remembered working with Yoon Ji Ryun in "Boys Over Flowers" and how much fun it was.

It's not the first time an actor has chosen a drama based on the writer. Great writing is a must and some k-drama writers are proven hit makers.

For example, the Hong Sisters are known for their comic genius. Sisters Jung Eun and Mi Ran not only wrote the comedy "The Master's Sun," but they also conjured up the idea of pairing Gong Hyo Jin with So Ji Sub. They are the talent behind "You're Beautiful," "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho" and "Greatest Love."

Kim Eun Sook, who wrote "The Heirs" does not always write dramas set in high schools but when she does, they are likely to succeed. Before that her last drama hit was "Gentleman's Dignity which focused on 40-something men. She's also the writer behind the body-swapping k-drama classic "Secret Garden." She may be the one writer with more hits than the Hong Sisters but it's a close race and the odds are always changing.

Writer Park Ji Eun has really had an opportunity to demonstrate her talent in the last few years. Her most recent creation "You Who Came From The Stars" was wildly popular. And she is also responsible for the dramas "You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly," "Queen of Reversals" and "Queen of Housewives."

If it's a sad and poignant drama you are after, you may want to watch something written by No Hee Kyung. "That Winter The Wind Blows" was not the first time that Song Hye Kyo starred in a drama written by No Hee Kyung. The writer also penned "Worlds Within," which she starred in with Hyun Bin. "Padam Padam" is another heartbreaking No Hee Kyung drama with no shortage of scenes to weep over.

Choi Wan Kyu is another very versatile writer, having written dramas in a variety of genres, including the spy thriller "Iris," the historical drama "Jumong," the fantasy "101st Operation Proposal" and the melodrama "Midas."

Hwang Eun Kyung was the creative genius behind the "City Hunter" script, which helped propel Lee Min Ho even further into stardom. She also wrote the dramas "Daemul" and "Haeundae Lovers.

Park Hye Run only has a few dramas to her credit but they include "Dream High" and last year's big hit "I Hear Your Voice." If you've seen those, you may want to check out her earlier dramas, including "Kimchi Cheese Smile." Fans are looking forward to her next writing project.

The Hong Sisters are not the only writers that work in teams. Together Kim Young Hyun and Park Sang Yeon wrote the historical drama "Queen Seonduk" as well as "Tree With Deep Roots."

Many k-drama writers are women and if you want to see a drama that's about women writing dramas, check out "The King of Dramas." It's not an easy industry to break into but these writers have succeeded in becoming recognizable names.

Let us know if there are any other writers that you think viewers should check out.

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