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"God's Gift - 14 Days" Starts Off In Second Place, Romance Reigns In "Empress Ki"

BY Joan MacDonald | Mar 04, 2014 03:28 PM EST


The latest addition to the drama lineup did not cahnge the order for the two existing dramas. "Empress Ki" remains in first place and it does not seem likely that any other drama will outpace the historical epic for the remainder of its run.

But the other two dramas can compete for second place. "God's Gift - 14 Days," the time travel melodrama, starring Lee Bo Young, began this week and effortlessly slipped into the second place slot vacated by "One Warm Word."

The new addition to the line-up, "God's Gift - 14 Days," began with a strong first episode that may earn it loyal viewers in the coming weeks. The drama tells the story of a mother whose child is murdered. After her child's death, she gets the gift of 14 days to travel back in time and prevent that death. To alter the course of things, she will have to reexamine the priorities that led her to make the choices she did. The fast-paced first episode earned ratings of 6.9 percent, which was more than the 5.7 percent earned by the last episode of "One Warm Word."

"Empress Ki" easily held on to first place with 26.2 percent. In the latest episode, Seungnyang, played by Ha Ji Won, finally warmed to Emperor Ta Hwan, who has loved her for so long. Her feelings for him deepened after he was shot with a poison arrow trying to save her. Empress Tanashiri, back from her banishment to the Frozen Palace, plotted her revenge against Seungnyang by means of a black magic curse. The drama stars Joo Jin Mo, Baek Jin Hee and Ji Change Wook.

The revenge drama "Full Sun" was in third place with a mere 3.3 percent of the ratings.  Last week the first episode began with 3.7 percent of the ratings and was up to 5.1 percent by the second episode. Also known as "Beyond The Clouds," the drama tells the story of a man unjustly imprisoned for murder. He is forced into a life of crime after his prison sentence and seeks revenge on the people he feels are responsible for his imprisonment. Only he falls in love with one of the people he blames. And the man he supposedly killed is her ex-fiancé.

The drama stars Yoon Kye Sang and Han Ji Hye.

The night's variety shows had very similar ratings. SBS Healing Camp has 7.5 percent of the ratings, while the KBS program "Hello" had 7 percent.

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