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Jung Woo Sung Stars In A Modern Fairy Tale

BY Julie Jones | Mar 12, 2014 03:01 PM EDT


When actor Jung Woo Sung was recently seen filming in the Jeolla Namdo area, those who saw him were impressed. Observers described the star as being so attractive that it was almost unreal. And that's interesting because he was busy filming the modern version of a fairy tale.

The film he is working on, "Madam Bluff," is a modern retelling of the Korean folk tale, "The Story of Sim Chung." In that folk tale, Sim Chung is the dutiful daughter of a blind widower. The virtuous Sim Chung sacrifices herself to raise the money needed to cure her father's blindness. She earns the money because sailors want to sacrifice a beautiful virgin to the Dragon King of the Sea. In exchange the dragon will guarantee their safety when they are on the high seas. Once Sim Chung falls into the sea, the Dragon King finds her. Even though he is a monster, he is so moved by her devotion to her father that he returns her to earth and sends her to the emperor's palace. The emperor falls for her and makes her his empress. But despite her good luck, she still misses her father. She holds a banquet for the blind men of the kingdom hoping to see her father again, and when he shows up, she discovers that he can see.

"Madam Bluff," also known as "Madam Bbaengduk," is said to be a modern version of the folk tale, but it looks as if it will take some liberties with the retelling of the story. In the film version, Jung Woo Sung plays Hak-gyu, a university professor. In this modern-day adaptation, he will play the younger version of the folk tale father. Despite the fact that he is losing his vision, he falls in love.

Jung Woo Sung co-stars in the film with actress Esom, who cn also be seen in the film "High Heels." Award-wining director Lim Pil Seong, who directed "Hansel and Gretel" and "Antarctic Journal," will direct the "Madam Bluff."

Jung Woo Sung is one very busy actor. Last year he appeared as James in the film "Cold Eyes." This year he appears in "God's Trick" and the indie film "Don't Forget Me." Last year he also directed a short for Samsung Galaxy S4, which starred Choi Jin Hyuk.

His last appearance in a drama was playing the leading role in "Padam Padam: The Sound of His And Her Heartbeats."

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