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Jun Ji Hyun Remains As TVXQ Yunho’s Ideal Type

BY Chin D | Mar 13, 2014 10:34 AM EDT


It's been ten years since his debut, but TVXQ's Yunho still only has eyes for the same woman.

On the March 11 broadcast of Mnet's "Beatles Code", Yunho expressed his undying admiration for actress Jun Ji Hyun. He shared, "When I saw 'My Sassy Girl' in the theatre, Jun Ji Hyun's character was exactly the kind of person who I imagined as my ideal type. I couldn't stop thinking about her."

He continued, "I bought the videotape and DVD of the movie, but I have the habit of falling asleep as soon as I get comfortable watching, so I must have watched the movie around one hundred times. Still, I watched the movie from start to finish about fifty times."

In an interview back in January, Yunho talked about his impressions on the drama "Man From The Stars", "I'm having a lot of fun watching the drama. Her character Chun Song Yi is similar to her character in 'My Sassy Girl'. I always get excited and nervous when watching."

Yunho was reportedly cast as the character Lee Hwi Kyung, but ultimately, it was actor Park Hae Jin who snagged the role.

Meanwhile, Yunho is taking a break from TVXQ's "Spellbound" promotions because of his injury.

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