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Five Fun Facts About Jin Yi Han

BY Julie Jones | Mar 13, 2014 10:22 AM EDT


Jin Yi Han's character Tal Tal has really grown in the course of the 50-episode historical drama "Empress Ki." Bayan's quiet nephew and Seungnyang's champion was the mastermind behind the plot that finally overthrew the evil El Temur. He's a force that Seungnyang will rely on as she rises in power.

The actor also appeared in last year's horror romcom hit "The Master's Sun." He got the Hong Sisters comedy off to a good start by appearing in the first episode as the Beckahm-like soccer star haunted by his lost first love.

1. The actor got his start in musical theater so he can also sing and dance. He debuted in the musical 'Footloose," then sang and danced his way through "Six Minute Murder," "Lunatic," "Padam, Padam Padam" and "UFO."

2. You would never know if from his serious demeanor n "Empress Ki," but when Jin Yi Han was little, he dreamed of being a comedian. He was happy to replace another actor in "All My Love," because the comedy would give him a chance to be funny.

"I always wanted to act in a sitcom so I'm very happy and hope to provide some laughs," he said at the time he was cast.

3. He was in a terrifying car accident while filming "Dr. Jin" but fortunately the after-effects were only temporary.

"I felt carsick a while afterward and couldn't remember my lines," said Jin continued to film the drama after the accident.

He came to see the accident as a sign that he should recharge and make a fresh start in his life.
4. He remained friends with his "Dr. Jin" co-star Kim Jaejoong.

"I have the same O-type blood as Jaejoong and our personalities are similar," said Jin Yi Han.

The actor says his co-star taught him how to drink.

"My drinking capacity has increased to half a bottle and now I know the pleasure of getting drunk," he said.

But while JYJ's Jaejoong said that he would date Jin Yi Han if he were  a woman, it was not mutual.

"He's a good friend, but I think if he was a woman, I wouldn't want to go out with him," he said.

5. The actor has also remained friends with former co-star Kang Ji Hwan, who he refers to as a brother. On the set of "Empress KI," he is said to be closest to Ha Ji Won.

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