Choi Yoon Young Appears In "There's A Cat"

Choi Yoon Young
There is a Cat. Meow

Actress Choi Yoon Young finalized her confirmation of casting in "There is a Cat. Meow."

In the new KBS1 daily drama, "There is a Cat, Meow" (script Lee Eun Joo, director Kim Won Young), Choi Yoon Young plays the role of the female protagonist who is named Ko Yang Sook.

"There is a Cat. Meow" is about a man and a woman who meet because of a cat.  Through this destined meeting, they find their dreams that they ahd forgotten about.  In this process, they realize the love and importance of family as this drama draws upon the process of such love and life lessons.

In the drama, the role that Choi Yoon Young plays as Ko Yang Sook is a reporter for a magazine that dreams of being a novel writer.  Three years ago, her father dies and she suffers from the harassment of loan sharks as she wavers between her actual job and her part time job.  At one point, she gives up the dream of becoming a writer but even in this difficult situation, she remains optimistic and doesn't give up her personality.  She is a strong person that can get through any obstacle.

Through her management company, Choi Yoon Young said, "I first became an actress through KBS so it's a good feeling to be back in your hometown in the role of a female protagonist for KBS.  I feel like I'm back home and I will be able to act out things in a more smooth way."

At this, she also revealed, "After reading the script, I was really deeply into the piece and the character.  I plan to really act in the role of Ko Yang Sook."
Meanwhile, "There is a Cat. Meow" will be broadcast after "Love Rides a Song" and will be aired at 8:25PM on June 9th.

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