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800,000 Pre-Orders Confirmed Days Before The Watch Dogs Release Date; Film In The Works With Michael Fassbender! Ubisoft Steps Up Hype with ‘Real-World’ Campaigns

BY Staff Reporter | May 20, 2014 11:39 PM EDT


Updates galore on Watch Dogs, the game: at 800,000 pre-orders and counting, Ubisoft's gem is making it big even before the Watch Dogs release date, May 27.

Watch Dogs' first viable review just came out, and the results are pretty remarkable. Ubisoft did warn about false reviews circulating before the release, but confirms the French magazine Jeux Vidéo's exclusive as legit.

The magazine rating scaled between 1-5, based on Gameplay, Graphics, Longevity (and Repeat Value), and Sound. All categories except the latter received 5 out of 5 points. As an open-world action adventure, the outlook is good for Watch Dogs release date next week.

Standout qualities of the title involve gameplay and level design. The depiction of bustling, dense Chicago is also exceptional. An abundance of content adds value to an already engaging game. The review did poke at the title's somewhat disappointing storyline, though (

Ubisoft is also taking on a new tack in marketing, catering to the non-gaming crowd to expand its reach. A film deal with Sony and New Regency is set, and the project is already in development. Michael Fassbender is reportedly pooled in to play the hacker, thug, adrenaline junkie protagonist of the game ("Aiden Pearce").

Ubisoft released a series of videos, in attempt to emulate the larger-than-life world of Watch Dogs. A walkthrough video introduces the game's expansive world and gameplay, in ways particularly appealing to non-gamers. One of the main selling point of a game is its repeat value, and the French company ensures this with an interactive world, with plenty of room to free-roam.

A prank video of sorts also simulates the Watch Dogs hacking experience. Visitors to a mobile phone outlet are led to believe phone units are tapped into the store's electrical system, as well as to nearby ATM's and street lights. The illusion of control gives gamers and non-gamers alike a glimpse on how the title's hacking mechanics plays out (

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