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Which Celebrities Attended Uhm Ji Won's Wedding?

BY Julie Jones | May 29, 2014 01:04 PM EDT


Actress Uhm Ji Won got married this Monday and her wedding was attended by several of her celebrity friends.

The bride and her groom, architect Oh Young Wook, wanted to keep the wedding small and simple. They married in the Shilla Hotel with only 100 of their friends and family attending.

But among the guests were several actors. Among the guests were Han Ji Hye, last seen in "I Summon You Gold" and "Beyond The Clouds," and Han Hye Jin, last seen in "One Warm Word." Uhm Ji Won caught the bouquet at her friend Han Hye Jin's 2013 marriage to soccer player Ki Sung Yeung, but at the time said she had no wedding plans.

She denied the significance of catching the bouquet.

"I caught the bouquet just because I'm her friend," she said. "It doesn't mean anything."
At the time she was dating Oh Young Wook, who is founder of the architectural firm oddaa, travel writer and illustrator, but they had not yet gone public with her relationship.

The two went public last July saying they had plans to marry within a year.

Several of Uhm Ji Won's close friends are also beautiful actresses and naturally they attended the wedding. Park Tam Hee was the announcer. Also attending the ceremony were Kim Seong Eun, last seen in "Still You," Park Soo Jin, who was in Tthe Blade and the Petal" and "Flower Boys Next Door," Shin Ji Soo, who appeared in "Wonderful Mama," Ye Ji Won, who was in the film "Our Sunhi," and Jeon Hye Jin, who was in the film "Venus Talk." Jung Hye Young, who was in "Gu Family Book," and Yoo Sun of "Horse Doctor" also attended. Son Ye Jin of the drama "Shark" and the film "Pirates" also congratulated the bride.

Kim Seong Eun, Park Na Rim, Park Soo Jin, Park Tam Hee, Shin Ji Soo, Ye Ji Won, Yoo Sun, Jeon Hye Jin, Han Ji Hye and Han Hye Jin teamed up with singer Hwang Bo to sing a song of congratulations for the new couple.

According to guest and fellow actress Kim Seong Eun, Uhm Ji Won was the most beautiful bride she had ever seen.

Uhm Ji Won debuted with the 2000 drama "Golden Wagon." She is best known for her roles in "The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry," "Childless Comfort" and "The Woman Who Married Three Times." She also appeared in the films "Man On A Ledge" and "Wish." Uhm considers her role in "Wish one of her best acting experiences. It earned her a Best Actress Award at the 33rd Korean Association of Film Critics.

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