Kim So Hyun To Play Two Roles In "Reset"

Kim So Hyun
Chun Jung Myung
Shin Eun Jung

Kim So Hyun, who turns 15 this month, has already had an impressive career in k-dramas. She has played the younger version of several k-drama actresses, most recently Yoon Eun Hye in "Missing You," Lee Bo Young in "I Hear Your Voice," and the young Kim Min Seo in "The Moon Embracing The Sun." She also plays the younger Oh Yeon So in the melodrama "Triangle."

Lately, she's been transitioning into roles that are not the younger version of anyone else, notably playing the teenaged daughter in "The Suspicious Housekeeper."

In the upcoming 10-episode thriller "Reset" she plays not one but two roles. She portrays both a murdered girl from the past and high school student in the present.

According to her agency Sidus HQ, "Kim So Hyun will play the role of the high school student Jo Eun Bi who goes through the ups and downs of puberty and teams up with Chun Jung Myung's character."

Chun Jung Myung's character in this OCN drama is the criminal prosecutor Cha Woo Jin. The other role that Kim So Hyun plays in 'Reset" is Seung Hee, Cha Woo Jin's first love from 15 years ago. Cha Woo Jin's first love was murdered and the criminal was never found. It was Seung Hee's murder that prompted Cha Woo Jin to become a criminal prosecutor. He only handles major crimes.

Together, Chung Jung Myung and Kim So Hyun will team up to solve the 15-year-old murder case before the statute of limitations runs out. Since Jo Eun Bi looks so much like the girl who died 15 years ago, she may be at risk for becoming the mysterious killer's next victim.

Will Cha Woo Jin use Jo Eun Bi as bait to catch his first love's killer or will he be looking to protect her?

Chun Jung Myung is not saying but he does say he was enthusiastic about taking the role.

"I fell for the drama looking only at the synopsis," said the actor, who was last seen in "Queen of Ambition."

The cast also includes Park Won Sang, who also appears in "Golden Cross," as a prosecutor, and Shin Eun Jung, who appeared in "Bride of the Century," as a police chief.

The Sunday night drama follows "God's Quiz 4" on Aug. 10.

Kim Young Kyun, who directed "The Webtoon," will direct "Reset." Ahn Young Soo, who wrote "Itaewon Murder Case," is the drama's writer.

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