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Jung Kyung Ho Was Asked To Choose Between Soo Young And Choi Yeo Jin

BY Chin D | Jun 13, 2014 02:17 AM EDT


Actor Jung Kyung Ho was faced with a tough question on "The Law of the City in New York."

During the first broadcast of the variety program, his co-star Kim Sung Soo made a phone call to his close friend, actress Choi Yeo Jin, who recently starred in the drama "Emergency Couple."

When the actress was then asked if she knew Jung Kyung Ho personally, she said, "Yes, I know Kyung Ho. We filmed 'I'm Sorry, I Love You' together. Kyung Ho, I love you!"

Kim Sung Soo then asked her, "You do know that Jung Kyung Ho has a girlfriend right? And which group she is a member of?" to which she responded jokingly, "Yes, I know. Aren't I better than them?"

The actor was revealed to be dating Girls' Generation's Soo Young in the beginning of 2014.

Jung Kyung Ho, on the other hand, was put on the spot when he was asked who he liked between the two women. He answered, "I like both of them."

Meanwhile, when he called Choi Yeo Jin 'noona', she called him out, saying, "Why are you suddenly calling me a noona? Don't draw a line between our ages. Just speak comfortably," drawing in laughter from the cast.

"The Law of the City in New York" features several celebrities who will try to survive in the unfamiliar New York City without money or a place to stay in.s

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