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Lee Min Ho Talks About Love And Children

BY Julie Jones | Jun 16, 2014 10:51 AM EDT


Lee Min Ho was recently interviewed by the Chinese publication Sina News. During the interview the actor spoke about shooting realistic action scenes in his upcoming film, "Gangnam Blues" and about his thoughts on future film projects in China. But he also spoke about love, children and undressing for the camera.

When asked about love, he said he was the kind of man who might fall in love at first sight and then develop an everlasting love. But the object of his affections might have to wait to find out how he felt about her. She would have to wait because he would not say anything until he was really sure of his feelings and hers.

"I won't say anything if I fall in love at first sight," he told Sina. "I will observe the situation for a while before I declare my love."

And whom might he fall in love with? He did not tell Sina that but in an interview earlier this year with China's "Cosmopolitan," he described his ideal type as someone who is open, cheerful and confident. And ideally she would also have a sense of compassion. Although Park Shin Hye is similar to his ideal type, he stressed then that they had never dated and were not dating.

The Sina interviewer did not ask him about dating Park Shin Hye but did want to know whether he wanted sons or daughters when he married. He said that he preferred daughters because so many sons he knows are not good at demonstrating their affection for their parents. And although he does not have much family time because of his busy schedule, he says his mom understands.

"I love my mom," he said.

It has been said that a man who is good to his mom makes a good husband.

Would he ever do a nude scene, the interviewer asked. The actor looked shy when he answered. But he said that if such a scene is fitting and required by a story he will do it without any concern. He also said that doing nude scenes was an easier choice for an actor than it is for an actress.

When he learned that a Chinese girl had asked her boyfriend to have plastic surgery so he would look like Lee Min Ho, the actor thought it was funny. But he also said that every man has his own charm. Rather than try to be like someone else, a person should be the best they can be.

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